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What's Trending in 2024?

The design and décor trends for the year are revealing an earthier theme, well suited for Summit County’s landscape and lifestyle. With constant demand and our current low inventory, keeping up with current design trends can help set your home apart from less up-to-date properties as the market becomes more competitive. To help our clients and readers stay informed, we’ve put together a list of the top home design and décor trends for 2024. Enhance your home’s spaces by incorporating the latest colors, accents, finishes, and small cosmetic changes or find inspiration for your upcoming remodeling project.

1. Merging Inside & Out

2024 Home Design Trends: Merging Inside & Out

The trend of merging the inside and outside is taking center stage in luxury home design.…

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Make Your Home Stand Out with Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging for Your Summit County Home: 306 Miners Loop

Virtually staged property: 306 Miners Loop

First impressions are everything when listing your home for sale. Experienced sellers know that home staging is an essential part of the home selling process. A well staged home can make all the difference in the number of days a property is on the market or receiving your full asking price.

As technology continues to advance, it’s more and more common for sellers to opt for virtual home staging over traditional home staging. With its ability to help buyers visualize themselves within a space, while still allowing buyers to see the full potential of an unfurnished home, virtual staging can be a useful tool for both new builds and long-standing…

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It’s Gardening Season in Summit County

Neils Lunceford Garden Center in Silverthorne, CO
Photo by Neils Lunceford in Silverthorne, CO

If you’re looking to spruce up your yard this season and need to restock your supplies, we’ve got you covered. Check out these local Summit County retailers and get planting.

Summit County Garden Centers & Suppliers:

  1.        Lowe’s

Lowe’s in Silverthorne is a Summit County staple year-round. Whether you’re looking for indoor plants or ready to kickstart your outdoor garden, Lowe’s is stocked with all the tools, seeds, and supplies you need. Their early morning hours make it easy to pick up whatever you need so you can get working first thing and out of the sun by lunchtime.

Where: 201 Buffalo Mountain Drive, Silverthorne

Hours: 6 am - 9…

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Spring Home Projects for Summit County Homeowners

Spring is always a great time for home projects. Whether your budget is small, or you’ve got splurge funds set aside, our list covers it all.

How to choose what to do first? If time or cost limits you from tackling everything on the list, start out with the most important ones first. Anything old or broken will need immediate attention.

It can be hard to find vendors or contractors if Summit County, but our agents are here to offer advice, contact information, and references for the smallest to biggest jobs on this list.


  1. Restyle bookshelves.
  2. Update wall art and framed photos.
  3. Prep planter pots and outdoor furniture.
  4. Flip mattresses.
  5. Change smoke detector and CO…

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20 Easy Weekend Home Projects

With Spring just around the corner, we put together a list of 20 easy weekend home projects that can be accomplished in just a couple hours so you’re not missing time with your loved ones, while still staying on top of home maintenance.


1. Make your home more welcoming.

The exterior entrance is a commonly overlooked area of the home, but it’s also where the first interaction you have with your guests takes place. Make sure your guests’ first impression is a welcoming one! Easy to see house numbers, a new porch light fixture, a fresh coat of paint or stain on the front door, and a new door mat and/or boot scraper are small changes that make a major difference in livening up your home’s…

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Top Renovation Trends for 2023

In a housing market like Summit County, which is predominately made up of investment properties and second homes, making upgrades and continuous renovations is always beneficial to maintaining and increasing your home’s value. Whether you’re considering a whole home transformation or planning to make small upgrades throughout the year, we’ve compiled a list of the top renovation trends you can expect to see sweeping through homes in 2023.

Energy Efficiency

Picture of home with solar panels on the roof and mountains in the background.

Featured property: 887 Gold Run road, Breckenridge | MLS# S1039625

Making energy efficient improvements to your home won’t just pay off when it comes time to sell! Save money on energy bills now by making small but powerful upgrades to your home. One big…

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Increase Rental Bookings by Following Our Top Tips to Make Your Breckenridge Vacation Home Stand Out in a Competitive Market

With magnificent scenery and a wide range of outdoor activities all 12 months of the year, Breckenridge is an ideal location for a vacation rental home that can earn secondary income or help cover expenses! In fact, Summit County is such a popular vacation destination that there are approximately 8,750 vacation rentals - with nearly half of those in Breckenridge alone.

With increasing competition and an ever‐changing array of short‐term regulations, it’s important to make your vacation home appealing to prospective guests.

Below are our top recommendations to help your home stand out and maximize your rental income:


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updated  11/7/2022

How To Prepare Your Property for Winter in Summit County

Living at high altitude means you get to enjoy some of the best winter perks Colorado has to offer, but it also means your home is subject to more intense weather conditions. Winter comes fast and early in Breckenridge and Summit County, so it’s important to prepare your home now to ensure it will endure the intense conditions that come with living in the mountains.
While you may know the basic measures to help prevent frozen pipes, we’ve compiled a list of winterization tips that we hope you’ll find helpful whether your mountain property is your primary residence or second home.

Below is a list of must do maintenance tasks to help protect your mountain home from the…

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What You Need to Know for Preparing Your Home for a Summer Sale

Your Summit County home is likely one of your most valuable assets and most beloved material possessions. If now is the time to sell, you understandably want to maximize your investment to its fullest potential. In our current seller’s market, you might think you don’t need to do anything to help your property sell, but pre-sale preparation can help your home stand out from the competition, shorten time on the market, increase the sale price and avoid problems after the property goes under contract.   

The First Impression is Key

1.       Maximize curb appeal: In summer, add colorful potted flowers and hanging baskets. Pull weeds and trim branches. Remove dead brush. Put away yard…

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Top Home Renovation Trends for 2022

Despite the rising costs of building supplies and a decrease in workers, the demand for home renovations is expected to increase in 2022.

Approximately 6 million homes were sold in 2021, the highest number in 15 years. It is estimated that three-quarters of American homeowners will consider at least one home improvement project in 2022, either because they want to customize their new home or because they want to improve their existing home rather than purchase a new one at an increased cost.

The home improvement industry has seen steady growth for the past five years, even prior to the most recent housing boom. Home renovation spending is predicted to increase by 9% in the first quarter of this year, and then…

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