8 Home Design Trends for 2024

What's Trending in 2024?

The design and décor trends for the year are revealing an earthier theme, well suited for Summit County’s landscape and lifestyle. With constant demand and our current low inventory, keeping up with current design trends can help set your home apart from less up-to-date properties as the market becomes more competitive. To help our clients and readers stay informed, we’ve put together a list of the top home design and décor trends for 2024. Enhance your home’s spaces by incorporating the latest colors, accents, finishes, and small cosmetic changes or find inspiration for your upcoming remodeling project.

1. Merging Inside & Out

2024 Home Design Trends: Merging Inside & Out

The trend of merging the inside and outside is taking center stage in luxury home design. This trend emphasizes the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, blurring the boundaries to create a harmonious flow between the two. Homes are incorporating features like expansive glass walls, sliding doors, and outdoor living areas that feel like natural extensions of the interior. This design approach not only enhances the sense of space and connectivity but also allows homeowners to fully embrace the beauty of their surroundings and creates an even more intimate way to take in the breathtaking mountain views of the county’s Ten Mile and Gore Ranges.

 2. Textured Walls

2024 Home Design Trends: Textured Walls

Textured walls are making a strong comeback in the world of home design, offering a rich and dynamic element to interior spaces. With faux finishes, artisanal plaster techniques, and natural elements like rock or wood, textured walls have the power to transform a room's ambiance and elevate its aesthetic appeal by creating visual interest, depth, and a sense of tactile luxury.

3. Wellness Spaces

2024 Home Design Trends: Wellness Spaces

As we prioritize health and well-being, homeowners are seeking to transform their homes into sanctuaries that support relaxation and rejuvenation. Designated areas for yoga, meditation, or dedicated spa spaces allows for mindful practices that contribute to overall wellness. Incorporating elements like natural light, indoor plants, and soothing color palettes can help create a calming atmosphere. Integrating smart home technology for air purification, lighting control, and sound systems further enhances the wellness experience, creating a harmonious environment to unwind and recharge.

4. Curves

2024 Design Trends: Curves

Curves offer a sense of softness and fluidity, contrasting with the straight lines often found in modern design. Introducing curved furniture pieces, such as sofas or chairs, can create an inviting layer to sharper rooms. Adding curved architectural details, like arched doorways or rounded wall edges, can enhance the overall elegance and sophistication of your home. These subtle yet impactful touches can transform your living spaces into luxurious retreats that exude charm and style.

5. Functional Outdoor Spaces

2024 Design Trends: Functional Outdoor Spaces

Incorporating functional outdoor spaces, such as built-in outdoor kitchens, into your home has gained significant popularity, especially in luxury markets like Breckenridge, Colorado. These outdoor areas offer a seamless extension of your living space, allowing you to entertain guests or relax in the midst of our mountain town’s impressive beauty. Outdoor natural stone structures with durable, top-of-the-line appliances are becoming a coveted feature for homeowners looking to enhance their lifestyle and property value.

6. Eat-In Kitchens

2024 Home Design Trends: Eat-In Kitchens

Eat-in kitchens continue to be a sought-after feature in the Breckenridge market, blending functionality and style. With spacious layouts that seamlessly integrate dining areas into the heart of the home, offering a structured gathering space for families to come together. The trend towards open-concept living spaces further enhances the appeal of eat-in kitchens, creating a seamless flow between the kitchen, dining, and living areas. These areas often feature built-in bench seating, providing ample space for less formal meals and holiday gatherings.

7. Induction Cooktops

2024 Design Trends: Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are an increasingly more popular addition to newer homes and kitchen remodels in the Breckenridge market. These sleek and modern cooktops offer precise and efficient cooking, with faster heating and more accurate temperature control. Their smooth, glass-ceramic surface is easy to clean and adds a sophisticated touch to any kitchen design. With their energy efficiency and high-end appeal, induction cooktops aid in the modern design aesthetic we’re seeing in larger new builds and smaller space renovations alike.

8. High Tech Homes

2024 Design Trends: In-Home Cinemas

Integrating cutting-edge technology into your home not only enhances convenience but also elevates the overall experience buyers are seeking in our resort market. From smart home systems that control lighting, temperature, and security with a simple voice command to advanced home automation solutions that can anticipate your needs, high tech homes are revolutionizing the way we live. Of the tech upgrades, indoor cinemas are a sought-after addition to high-end homes, creating the opportunity for families of all generations to enjoy in-home entertainment after a day on the slopes.

The Value of Home Renovations in a Resort Market

In a resort market like Breckenridge, home renovations are a smart investment for homeowners looking to maximize their property's potential. Staying ahead of home design trends is essential for homeowners looking to attract potential buyers or higher rental rates. As the number of out of area buyers increases, so does the demand for legacy properties that can be immediately enjoyed and high-yield investment properties that don’t require time demanding upgrades. Unsure which upgrades and renovations could increase your property’s appeal or what buyers are most drawn to in your neighborhood? Call Breckenridge Associates at 970-453-2200 to speak with one of our Local Experts on Local Living or contact your Broker directly for their personalized insights.

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