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Important Spring Projects for Your Summit County Home

Posted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 at 1:53pm.

Spring is always a great time for home projects, but this spring is different from any in the past. Now that we are starting to see a break in the stay at home orders, it is time to plan ways to give your home the facelift you’ve always wanted. For investment homes, you might be looking to make changes that will give your home an edge in the vacation rental market so that you can recoup some lost rental income.

Whether your budget is small or you’ve got splurge funds set aside, our list covers it all.

How to choose what to do first? If time or cost limits you from tackling everything on the list, start out with the most important ones first. Anything old or broken will need immediate attention.

It can be hard to find vendors or contractors if Summit County, but our agents are here to offer advice, contact information and references for the smallest to biggest jobs on this list.


  1. Restyle bookshelves
  2. Update wall art and framed photos
  3. Prep planter pots and outdoor furniture
  4. Flip mattresses
  5. Change smoke detector and CO batteries
  6. Set fans to turn counter-clockwise for summer
  7. Change filters (water, humidifier, air)
  8. New door mats
  9. New air filter/purifier

Energy Saving

  1. Clean refrigerator coils
  2. Unplug all appliances not being used
  3. Turn off heat tape
  4. Clean dryer vent.
  5. Clean washing machine filter and inspect hoses for excess wear.


  1. Deck:  Stain, repair, or upgrade as needed.  It’s likely been buried under snow for a while- give it some love.
  2. Windows: Recaulk if needed. At minimum have them professionally cleaned inside and out once the pollen has settled. You won’t believe how dirty they are until they’ve been cleaned.
  3. Carpet: Inspect for excess wear. Get a professional clean.
  4. Furnishings:  Worn furnishings make the entire home feel tired. New covers, upholstery clean, or replacement may be due.
  5. Roof: Snow and ice buildup can cause damage that leads to leaks. An annual inspection is important to check for needed repairs and remove debris buildup.
  6. Chimney/fireplace: Most homeowners wait until fall and then find it difficult to get cleans and inspections by one the county’s limited number of vendors. Avoid this pitfall and get yours done early.
  7. Boiler inspection: Warmer temps are headed our way, but you might save money by scheduling this task now instead of in the fall.
  8. Flush water heater: It’s tucked away and likely to be forgotten, but should be flushed once a year.

Upgrades for Rentals

  1. Interior deep clean: Let potential guests know that have their safety in mind and the cleanliness of the home is important to you. A deep clean goes beyond a standard clean and typically touches every surface of the house including cabinet interiors, under furniture and cushions, light fixtures, cobwebs in the corners of vaulted ceilings, and more. The cleaner your home, the more appealing to guests, the higher your rental reviews will be, and the more you will enjoy your time while there.
  2. Change all bedding and linens to solid white: Future guests are will be more conscientious than ever about the cleanliness of your home. Give it an edge by adopting what leaders in the hotel industry are already doing with entirely fresh bedding for each guest. An all-white and washable bedding ensemble (sheet, blankets, comforter, and shams) assures your guests the highest quality of cleanliness.
  3. Freshen up a bathroom with new white towels and bath mats that can be washed in between every guest.
  4. Home entertainment: This could be anything from larger screen TVs to an area dedicated to family game time. A good collection of games or activities that keep the kids busy or a pool table always draw more attention than homes without.
  5. New or upgraded hot tub: This will be a huge benefit for not only your guests but yourself when it comes time to destress. Hot tubs are the most-requested guest amenity.

If kitchen or bath remodels, new flooring, or other big projects are on your mind, a Breckenridge Real Estate agent can advise on which renovations have the biggest returns when it comes time to sell. Give us a call today!



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