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Current Weather Forecast in Breckenridge, CO

Bookmark this Breckenridge Weather page to return when you need the forecast, or if actually seeing the weather at the Breckenridge Ski Resort  or in town Breck is what you'd prefer, visit our WebCams page.

Rocky Mountains blue cloudless sky near Breckenridge Ski Resort in Breckenridge, Summit County, Colorado.

Breckenridge Colorado Weather & Climate

Classified as a high-alpine climate, and sitting at 9,600 feet in altitude, weather in Breckenridge, Colorado provides the perfect environment for a plethora of winter activities. The area's wonderful mountain climate and unique weather patterns have made it a very popular ski destination with abundant snow coverage early, and less melt-off in spring. We don't see the ground cover, sometime, from October to May.

Winter Weather - Orographic Lift

The perfect winter weather conditions in Breckenridge are the result of some awesome meteorology. The area's high altitude subjects the air to what is known as "orographic lift". This can be described as when the moist air in the area is forced upward and has to pass over the surrounding mountain peaks. When the air reaches the point of condensation it causes beautiful fresh snow to fall directly on Breckenridge. It is this orographic lifting that is responsible for the nearly 300 inches of snowfall we receive annually in Breckenridge.

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Summer Weather Conditions In Breckenridge, CO

The summer weather in Breckenridge is quite the contrast to its winter conditions. The area experiences warm summer days, which are perfect for a variety of great activities such as hiking, mountain biking, swimming, fly fishing and so much more. The warm sunny days are perfectly complimented with cool mountain evening, giving residents a nice refreshing break from the heat.

Average Annual Temperature & Precipitation - Summit County, CO

    Annual high temperature: 51.1°F
    Annual low temperature: 19.7°F
    Average temperature: 35.4°F
    Average annual precipitation - rainfall: 14.62 inch
    Av. annual snowfall: 108 inch

On average, various sources report from 245 to 360 sunny days per year in Summit County, Colorado. The July high is around 72 degrees F. The January low is the coldest of the year at about 7. But as you might guess, we going to tell you it's a DRY cold, and so much more pleasant.