20 Easy Weekend Home Projects

20 Easy Weekend Home Projects

With Spring just around the corner, we put together a list of 20 easy weekend home projects that can be accomplished in just a couple hours so you’re not missing time with your loved ones, while still staying on top of home maintenance.


1. Make your home more welcoming.

The exterior entrance is a commonly overlooked area of the home, but it’s also where the first interaction you have with your guests takes place. Make sure your guests’ first impression is a welcoming one! Easy to see house numbers, a new porch light fixture, a fresh coat of paint or stain on the front door, and a new door mat and/or boot scraper are small changes that make a major difference in livening up your home’s exterior.

2.  Liven up your front step with seasonal plants.

Plants are one of the easiest ways to boost curb appeal and make your front step even more inviting! Make a statement with large planters or go for a softer look with a couple of potted plants leading up your home’s steps. No matter the season, this simple addition to your exterior doorway will add extra life to your home.

3. Pressure wash your home’s exterior.

Pressure washing your home after a long winter season is an efficient and cost-effective way to brighten the exterior of your home while protecting it from mold, mildew, and pollen.

4. Refresh your deck.

Don’t forget your deck when pressure washing your home. After you’ve cleaned off all of winter’s residue, apply a fresh coat of paint or stain so your deck is ready for all the summer fun!


20 Easy Home Projects - Elevate Your Entry Way

featured image: 612 Gateway Drive listed by BARE BRoker Jason Hart, under contract

5. Create a guest book.

Whether your home is a short-term rental, or you have frequent visitors, a welcome book filled with your favorite restaurants, shops, and local activities is always appreciated. Inform your guests about neighborhood trails, tips such as best places to park, free bus info, or what to pack for a day on the mountain.

Looking for inspiration on what to include in your guest book? Request a copy of The Source, our premier guide to everything Breckenridge.

6. Add a shoe station.

A home’s entry way is an overlooked spot that sees some of the most traffic in your home. Amp up its welcome factor with a few small additions. Install a bench, coat rack, boot tray, and bins for hats and gloves to encourage family and guests to leave all wet and dirty items in a place that won’t track the mess into the house.


20 Easy Weekend Home Projects - Easy Kitchen Refreshes

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7. Replace cabinet hardware.

Give your kitchen an entirely new look without the price tag of a full renovation, just by changing the drawer and kitchen hardware. Look for clean, modern styles to help lighten up the space. Ready for a big change? Try out hardware in a different color than what you currently have. Gold and matte black knobs and handles make a bold, but refined statement in a simple space.

8. Declutter kitchen cabinets.

By far one of the easiest ways to refresh your kitchen space is to clear out the old! Get rid of old spices, coffee mugs without matches, outdated cookware, and other random items that seem to have showed up out of nowhere over the seasons.

9.  Install a new garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are high on the list of things that get broken when your property is heavily rented. If yours is showing signs of wear, avoid getting an emergency repair call from renters when it finally does breakdown and proactively replace it.

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover:

20 Easy Weekend Home Projects - Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Featured image: 1121 Ski Hill Road #86 listed by BARE Broker Dak Dice

10. Change bathroom mirrors.

This is a simple and easy change that can make a big difference in the look and feel of a bathroom. Quick design options that pack a punch: circular or arched mirrors or add extra light to the space with a backlit mirror. If you’ll be replacing a builder-grade mirror, consider putting it to use in another part of the house such as a large closet or home gym.

Learn more about how Bathroom Experiences are the new trend for 2023 in our recent article: Top Home Renovation Trends for 2023.

11. Replace towels and bathmats.

New towels and bathmats can make a bathroom look brand new! Whether you’re trying to create a new look with fresh colors, your current towels aren’t looking as white as they used to, or you noticed some stains that aren’t coming out in the wash – new towels and bathmats are always appreciated by guests. If your property is heavily rented, we recommend getting into the routine of replacing bath linens once a year to every other year.

Liven Up Your Living Room:

12. Lamps and lighting

Updating lamps or light fixtures will brighten up any room instantly. Swap out of date lighting for something more contemporary or refocus the room with a piece of statement lighting.

Looking for inspiration? We discuss statement lighting options in our blog post Top Home Renovation Trends for 2023.

13. Give interior trim a new coat of paint.

A quick coat of paint on the trim and moldings will freshen up an entire room. Choose a new shade of paint for a room’s trim and molding can help create a whole new look for the room without having to redecorate.

14. Give some TLC to leather furniture and wood floors.

Both these natural materials need maintenance, especially in our dry climate. Leather and wood conditioners can be found at many local hardware stores and have a quick and easy application process.

Level Up Your Bedroom:

20 Easy Weekend Home Projects - Level Up Your Bedroom

15. New bedding

Bedding can play a significant role in your guests’ satisfaction with their stay. Replace heavy comforters or dry-clean only pieces with an extra plush or heavier weight fleece blanket, topped with a midweight quilt or coverlet that can easily be machine washed. A second quilt or blanket can be kept folded at the end of the bed or stored in the closet.

We consider bedding to be such an important detail when it comes to vacation rentals, that we included it in our recent article, Getting the Most Out of Your Rental Property.

16. Add USB charging stations to nightstands.

Even though everyone travels with their cell phone, chargers are one of the most frequently forgotten items. Having a charging port or different charger options is a thoughtful touch that guests always appreciate.

Up Your Energy Saving / Sustainability Efforts:

17. Install low-flow shower heads.

Decrease water consumption by 40% and conserve Colorado’s most precious natural resource by installing a low-flow shower head.

18. Install smart thermostats.

With guests from every region of the United States and outside the country visiting Breckenridge, you never know what someone will consider cold. A smart thermostat will help you conserve energy and keep your energy costs more consistent.

19. Set up a recycling center.

Encourage your family and guests to recycle. Set up a recycling center in your garage, kitchen, or mud room with bins labeled by material to help ensure your recyclable items make it into recycling and not a landfill. There are now 5 glass-only recycling depots in Breckenridge. Learn more at sustainablebreck.com.

20. Switch all light bulbs to LED.

Save on energy! LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy and last 25% longer than incandescent bulbs.

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