What’s better than celebrating the New Year surrounded by friends and family after a day of high country recreating? Doing it in your own home! With interest rates climbing but still near record lows, appreciation on a multi-year climb, rental demand steady, and on- and off-hill facilities that are built to please, what’s not to love about a Summit County ski home? What other investment allows you to create memories, host parties, store your recreational equipment, have a hot tub, prepare home cooked meals … even garner rental income? Try all that with your mutual funds!
View of the Breckenridge Ski Resort

Summit and Park County offer a diverse array of ownership options, for many budgets and lifestyles- from tradable timeshare options to hassle-free condo living with underground…

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Breckenridge Sales by Realtor up to December 2017

2017 shaped up to be a fine year in Summit County real estate all the way around. The number of sales reached the highest point since 2007, and almost reaching 2007 volume, both in greater Summit County and Breckenridge specifically. We continue to follow the seasonal arc of a summer peak with pronounced but steady shoulder seasons, and we are seeing these sales numbers with an ever decreasing amount of available listings. Simple supply and demand tells us that in these circumstances prices will rise. And rise they did.

The impacts of tax reform: housing prices are expected to react negatively in highly taxed areas as the $10,000 mortgage interest deduction comes into play (maximum of $10k is allowable as a income tax deduction in the tax bill…

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The best thing about the International Snow Sculptures? It’s difficult to pick just one thing. With 28 years of snow sculpting heritage here in Breckenridge, we can truly say it never gets old. The sculptures inspire a childlike wonder — they often seem to defy the laws of physics. The dedication of everyone focused on making the event happen, from the teams of volunteers to the 16 international teams, is inspiring. The art ranges from the abstract to the silly and the sculptures are on display for 24 hours a day from the start of sculpting through the end of the voting period. The sculptures look different under sunlight and electric lights, and are an easy post-dinner stroll. There are so many good reasons to visit.

The one drawback? In this writer’s…

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Snowflakes are dancing and winter is in full swing. Hope that you and your families had a wonderful holiday season. As life gets back to normal, it is a great time to think of a great vacation spot…like Breckenridge! Start off the New Year with a mountain getaway.

Here are Breckenridge Associates Real Estate Top 5 Deals for January 2018.

583 SCR 672
The classic Colorado log cabin in the woods that is everyone's Dream! Serenely set among towering old growth Spruce, with mountain views. The home is easily accessible on a county-maintained road. Vaulted ceilings in the great room, with ample light and very bright. Two gas fireplaces to warm up on a cold winter day. There is a hot tub on huge, private deck and plenty of storage in the over-sized…

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