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Thisafternoon, come to Main Street Breckenridge to cheer on the cyclists as they reach the Stage 2 finish line!  Try to arrive by noon to get a better view.  If you get there early, enjoy watching the race coverage on the Jumbotron on the lawn of the Riverwalk Center.  And tomorrow morning, set your alarm clocks early and come cheer on the cyclists at the Stage 3 start line.   It will be an event that you won't want to miss!

Hope to see you there!

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The Breckenridge real estate market has remained stable this July compared to 2012.  Single family homes saw a slight decrease in the number sold, but YTD, the single family market is up 8.4%.  Duplexes and Townhomes remained the same.  Three duplexes sold and four townhomes sold in July 2013. The condo market in Breckenridge is up 45.88%, YTD, with 17 condos selling in July 2013.

The Summit County real estate market is about 13.80% ahead this year compared to the same time in 2012.  Single family homes saw a slight decrease in the number sold and YTD, the single family market is down 3.39%.  Duplexes and Townhomes both showed positive signs in July 2013.  Eleven duplexes sold and twenty-three townhomes sold in July 2013. The condo market in Summit…

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On October 1st, remember to bring your reusable bags to the store. The Breckenridge Town Council approved a new 10-cent bag charge on every paper and plastic bag at all local stores.

Breckenridge Associates Real Estate is supporting the efforts of reducing paper and plastic bags as well. They have reusable bags available for free at their office at 229 S. Main Street. These ongoing efforts are to help reduce the number of disposable bags and be environmentally friendly.

The town bags feature the iconic Blue River with snow covered peaks in the background. On the bag, they spread the important message of using recyclable bags and the town website. The bags are made of 80% recyclable material and are machine washable. Town bags will be placed throughout…

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Welcome to August 2013, Top 5 Real Estate Deals.  Summer is winding down and it is a great time to start looking for a home that you can start creating family memories during the ski season.

Western Sky Ranch
If you are looking for land with acreage, views and location…. look no further than Western Sky Ranch!  This subdivision offers buyers lots with large acreage, Southern exposure, Privacy; Access to hiking, biking and Natural Forest. Keep in mind all this is Located Less than a mile from Breckenridge’s Main Street!  Take the time to walk these lots and you will see the large Building Envelopes and Phenomenal Views from Quandary all the way Peak to Buffalo.  Lot price starting below $600,000 to $1,295,000

Trappers Glen
Looking for the Ultimate…

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A 30-year home mortgage rate in the 3% range appears to have ended for now. The rates suddenly surged a full percentage point over the past month. “The market has been so stable for the past two years,” says Kim Neilson, executive vice president at McCue Mortgage in New Britain. “We haven’t experienced this type of jump in years.” The strengthening economy and federal monetary policy have helped bring up the rates as the housing market recovers. Borrowers consider the implications of higher rates.

One of the first areas to see the impact of the higher rates is borrowers with adjustable-rate mortgages and those looking to refinance their existing mortgage. “It’s always a concern when rates go up,” said Joanne Carroll, a spokeswoman for the Home Builders…

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Updated Spring 2019   Vail has launched a new idea of enjoying the mountains, without having the snow blanketing the ground. Epic Discovery is a summer mountain adventure at Breckenridge for all ages. Vail Resorts has created a family and eco-friendly place where you can come and enjoy the scenery and environment. It is a new way that families can experience all that the mountains have to offer. The idea is to learn about the surroundings while playing. It creates a great adventure.     The activities range from bouldering and rock climbing, to zip lines and a large observation deck in Horseshoe Bowl.  Long and fast Alpine Slides and a Gold Run Coaster. The Kids' Adventure Zone includes bungee trampolines, panning for gems and gold, a human…

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Updated September 2020

Whether you just want to enjoy the fresh mountain air or want a lung-busting adventure, there are so many things to do in Breckenridge, even during our “off season” of fall (we like to think of it as “bonus season”). While our little town became widely known for the world-class ski resort in our backyard, we now draw visitors all year round. Locals and first timers alike have countless opportunities for fun in all seasons, 12 months of the year.


  • Isak the Troll: Who knew trolls could be so loved? Isak is the most beloved troll in Breckenridge and likely the whole state. He’s not to be missed no matter how short your time in Breckenridge is. His hideaway just east of the ice rink on Boreas Pass is quick and easy…

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This year, Breckenridge will be hosting Stage 2 Finish and Stage 3 Start of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. On Tuesday, August 20th, racers will enter town from Hoosier Pass and will end near Blue River Plaza. Join us on Tuesday, August 20th, starting at 1:30 pm, for drinks and appetizers, to welcome the bikers as they make their way to the finish line.  The official finish line will then follow on Main Street between Washington and Adams, making the view from our front porch exciting and truly a part of the action!

Stage 2: Tuesday, August 20
Riders will start in Aspen with a climb over Independence Pass. After traveling through Buena Vista, Fairplay and Alma, they’ll continue up Hoosier Pass and then come down into town veering left on Park Ave then turn…

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Earlier this year, 100 major real estate brokers from around the country reported first quarter gains in number of transactions and dollar compared to the same period as last year.  The historically low interest rates, along with buyers’ gaining confidence in the market place, is sending the real estate market upwards.  This kind of confidence has not been seen in the last five years.    According to Lawrence Young, a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and chief economist, “Since the majority of families in America are homeowners, a rise in home value certainly lifts their confidence, which in turns helps the economy as people feel more comfortable spending their money.  It’s all good news in housing, and I think the momentum will…

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In Breckenridge, we saw an increase in the number of properties sold in the month of June compared to the same time last year.  There were 20 single family homes sold in 2013, compared with 18 sold in 2012.  Duplexes sales doubled with 2 selling in 2013 versus 1 sold in 2013.  Condos also saw an large increase in number of units sold for the month.  In 2013, 24 condos sold compared with 16 in 2012.  Townhomes decreased in the number sold in 2013, with only 6 selling in June.     In Summit County, we saw a steady increase in the number of properties sold in the month of June compared to the same time last year.  There were 45 single family homes sold in 2013, compared with 63 sold in 2012.  8 duplexes sold this June versus 3 in 2012.  Condos…

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