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Great Views From a Variety of Home Styles

The best place to be if you want to see the entire Tenmile Range in full panorama is Woodmoor at Breckenridge. The upper portion of Woodmoor homes for sale is so high above Breckenridge that the ridgeline of the Tenmile Range feels almost reachable. Views from up here extend from Hoosier Ridge on the south to the Gore Range in the north. 

Discover more about the history, geography and style of the subdivision or start your search with the available Woodmoor real estate listings below.

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History of Woodmoor in Breckenridge

Woodmoor homes sit on roads named for historic mining claims that were once the geographic features of this area. Claims like North Fuller Placer, Emmett’s Lode and others were staked as long strips of land that followed the creeks on Baldy Mountain. Burro or wagon roads traversed these claims and are the foundation of the current streets in Woodmoor. All roads funnel back onto Baldy Mountain Road and easily take residents of Woodmoor to the jeep roads or trails that climb further up the mountain.

Nearby Recreation

The popular Baldy Mountain Trail is open to cross-country skiers, bikers and hikers, but was once the main route to the Iowa Mill, one of the last-to-be-abandoned, ore-crushing mills in the county. This historic site is a few miles up the trail, near treeline. Above that are the sparsely vegetated flanks of Baldy Mountain crossed by a few switchbacks used by hikers and backcountry skiers to the summit and a herd of mountain goats.

Woodmoor Home Styles: Single-Family, Townhomes, Duplexes, Triplexes and Quadplexes

Homes for sale in this part of Woodmoor can be small single-family homes off Uncle Sam Lode, luxury homes on one-quarter to one acre lots, or high-end townhomes in two, three, or four unit clusters.

View of Breckenridge Ski Area from Woodmoor Townhome  for sale

The Geography of Woodmoor

The Woodmoor subdivision was platted in the 1970s and covers a large area on a long, southwestern face of Baldy Mountain. Portions of the original subdivision were developed as separate small subdivisions of condos or townhomes. What remains, officially as Woodmoor are custom-built homes, triplexes and duplexes in the Upper section, and Baldy Mountain Townhomes, a distinct lower section. A variety of open land and trees fills in the spaces between homes and the neighborhood feels homey and diverse.

Woodmoor is bisected by Boreas Pass Road, built for a narrow-gauge railway line which follows a gentle but circuitous route into Breckenridge. As Boreas Pass Road crosses the long Woodmoor hillside, it divides the subdivision into the two parts.

Upper Woodmoor

From the farthest point of Upper Woodmoor, downtown is 4.5 miles (all downhill) along Baldy and Boreas Pass roads. Upper Woodmoor is only 2.5 miles east of town.

Lower Woodmoor

This lower portion consists of close to 80 entry-level townhomes built in the early 1970s, in clusters named for Bunker Hill Lode, Silver Queen, Lucky and other mines formerly worked in the area. These townhomes are staggered along Illinois Gulch which is served by the free countywide bus system. This mile-long gulch is only 1.5 to 2.5 miles from downtown Breckenridge. Trails connect it to the forest and to town.

Woodmoor Subdivision in Breckenridge, CO

View of Ten Mile Range from Boreas pass road Breckenridge homes for sale

Quick Facts:

  • Number of Lots: 190 Total.
  • 79 Baldy Mountain Townhomes in Lower Woodmoor;
  • 52 Duplex/Triplex, 45 Single-Family and about 14 vacant lots in Upper Woodmoor.
  • Size: from 2 to 7 bedrooms (3 to 5 bath)
  • Size: from 1020 sq. ft. to 8024 sq. ft.
  • Year Built: 1972 for Baldy Mountain Townhomes; Upper Woodmoor homes have been build between 1982 and 2010.
  • HOA: Woodmoor Homeowners Association is a political entity and collects no dues.
  • Amenities: Views! Hiking, biking, skiing, forests, on countywide bus route, paved roads.


To drive to Upper Woodmoor from town, head south from Breckenridge until the last stoplight at Boreas Pass Road. Go east (left) on Boreas Pass and continue past the town overlook. Take the second left onto Baldy Road, which will climb steadily to the Woodmoor area. When the pavement starts into a switchback, you’ll see the trailhead parking on the right, the wide trail straight ahead, and the road continuing on the left. Taking the left, you’ll be on Emmett’s Lode, which will arc back to the north and continue to the next subdivision called Miners View. North and South Fuller Placer roads, are the last left (N) or right (S) turns before you reach the trailhead.

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