Summit County > Frisco > Southside

Below Peak One: homes duplex and small condos mostly incorporated in Frisco

A view to Peak One toward the southside of Frisco

South of Main Street Frisco, you'll find streets named Granite, Teller, Frisco and Pitkin, which are scattered with homes from every era of Frisco's history, and each block has its own character. As you walk south on any of the numbered avenues you'll have to climb a hill - a short one up 5th Avenue to Pitkin St. where you'll find the Mountainside area, the new 'affordable housing' development called Peak One Neighborhood, the small Frisco Preserve and a few others.

Townhome on the south include: Grand Cirque Village, South End Village, Tuso Triplex, Pitkin Townhomes, Frisco Peaks, Shadow Woods Townhomes, Teller Townhouses, Frisco Townhomes, Granite Courtyard Townhomes, Aspen Square Townhomes, Frisco 8 Townhomes, Mason Glen Luxury Towne Homes, Teller Crossing Townhomes, Bethel Townhomes, Pitkin Pines Townhomes, Frisco Place, Spruce Point Townhomes.

Southside Condos: Watertower Place, Cobblestone Condo, Bears Den Condo, Mount Royal Chalet Condos, Boulevard Bend, Mount Royal Condos, Little Horn Condos, Condos Off-Main, Peak One Condos, Tenmile Creek Condos, Cornerstone, Riverview Court, Mount Victoria Lodge Condos, Lark Mountain Inn, Cedar Lodge Condos, Magnum Condo, Peak One Condos, Ore House Condos.

Southeast is an subdivision that is not incorporated in the town of Frisco called Bills Ranch. Bill Ranch's southern boundary is the bikeway and national forest. It was formerly a dairy farm and cattle ranch that first developed when Bill Thompson offered free lots to anyone who would build a cabin. These small rustic cabins now mingled with large modern homes in the woods of Bills Ranch.

Adjacent to Bills Ranch are Ophir Mountain Village Condos, an affordable housing project, and along Hwy 9 are the Frisco Bay Homes. Across Summit Boulevard (Hwy 9) are the newer, townhomes called Water Dance and the duplex and single family subdivision called Wooden Canoe at Water Dance.


  • Peak One Neighborhood, affordable
  • Frisco Preserve, single family


  • Grand Cirque Village
  • South End Village
  • Tuso Triplex
  • Pitkin Townhomes
  • Frisco Peaks
  • Shadow Woods Townhomes
  • Teller Townhouses
  • Frisco Townhomes
  • Granite Courtyard Townhomes
  • Aspen Square Townhomes
  • Frisco 8 Townhomes
  • Mason Glen Luxury Towne Homes
  • Teller Crossing Townhomes
  • Bethel Townhomes
  • Pitkin Pines Townhomes
  • Frisco Place
  • Spruce Point Townhomes


  • Watertower Place
  • Cobblestone Condo
  • Bears Den Condo
  • Mount Royal Chalet Condos
  • Boulevard Bend
  • Mount Royal Condos
  • Little Horn Condos
  • Condos Off-Main
  • Peak One Condos
  • Tenmile Creek Condos
  • Cornerstone
  • Riverview Court
  • Mount Victoria Lodge Condos
  • Lark Mountain Inn
  • Cedar Lodge Condos
  • Magnum Condo
  • Peak One Condos
  • Ore House Condos


  • Bills Ranch
  • Ophir Mountain Village Condos
  • Frisco Bay Homes
  • Water Dance, duplexes
  • Wooden Canoe at Water Dance, duplexes, single-family