Your First Ski Day in Breckenridge

There is nothing like your first day of skiing for the season. Sure, the ski movie premiers are high energy affairs. First dusting of the peaks can get your heart racing as the lights, sights, smells and temperature all trigger our skier brains that the season is almost upon us. But first day brings the excitement up to a whole new level.

You awaken with that first day of school flutter in your stomach. Well -- even better than the school flutter. Choke down a super smoothie and oatmeal to keep you fueled for the day. Touch your toes a few times and give your quads a stretch -- you'll be spending a lot of time together for the next 8 months, so make nice now.

Keystone lift starting up for the seasonYou get dressed, likely in either beloved and trusted gear that has served you well. Lucky socks, anyone? or new togs, the fabric slightly crisper than your old standbys. Then step back into your boots- hopefully you get along well as you are key partners in a successful experience.

Hat; check. Goggles; check. Lip balm in your pocket; check. You grab your pass and a nutrition bar (no stopping for snacks today, eat that thing on the lift), add your skis and step out into the cold. Feel the air hit your face and enter your nostrils. Can you hear the snow guns? Is there the sound of quiet thunder of avalanche blasting in the distance? You take in all the stimuli as you head towards the mountain in the morning light.

As you get closer you see the stream of other fun seekers -- perhaps you even share a few early mischievous smiles, knowing you are some of the luckiest folks on the planet today -- you are going skiing! Not to work, not to jury duty, not to hours under fluorescent lights: skiing. Your lungs may heave and your legs may burn and despite your best efforts your cheeks and lips might chap -- and you'll love every minute of it.

Drop your skis and hear the click as you step in. You recognize a few of your fellow hardcore skiers -- the guy with the gold helmet is here, the lady unironically sporting her 80s onesie, the ski town freshman class- the 20 something's who have recently arrived with their cliquey energy and inside jokes and travel in packs. They're here for the year and will make sure the lifts are loaded, the dishes are washed, the rooms are cleaned, and for some of them, perhaps it's the beginning of the rest of their lives as a ski bum.

When the lifts groan to life, an electric wave moves through the crowd as you slide towards the front of the line. Winter is finally back, ski season has arrived. Happy day to you and your quads!

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