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A glade in Blue River Estates

Not filled with sprites or Robin Hood, the subdivision is a short drive south of downtown Breckenridge. In five minutes you could arrive at any home for sale in Sherwood Forest Subdivision. This neighborhood is popular with locals for its privacy provided by the forest, and its clustered community feeling. It's easy to get into town for work or play.  These same factors make Sherwood Forest appeal to vacation homeowners.

Sherwood Forest is part of the old Blue River Estates property, although its community seems a little apart from the open, wetland areas of the old neighborhood. It's entrace is a little more hidden, and not where the old sign used to advertize "Leisure Living Homesite."

About 75 lots make up the neighborhood, and each one is about one-half acre, most of which are developed. This is a developed neighborhood and there are plenty of opportunites for recreation nearby - hiking or cross country ski trails and access to the Goose Pasture Tarn for fishing and boating.

Blue River Estates Homes for Sale

History Of Blue River Estates

Blue River Estates was created when the father of long-time Breckenridge resident Robin Theobald's father bought 1,200 acres of land in 1960 from the city of Colorado Springs. The elder Theobald, Bob, thought he'd sell the land to people wanting fishing cabins on Pennsylvania Creek or along the banks of the Blue River near where this creek empties into it.

Because their settings are pretty idyllic these little estates of 1/4 to several acres are family friendly and great vacation homes.  Because the Breckenridge ski resort is just a mile or so down the road, they are some of the most charming places to spend a winter vacation in all of Colorado.

And for the reason that many of the older homes in this neighborhood were set up as summer homes, they are set up to survive their owner's absences.  They are good candidates for off-grid living. Electricity has always been available but only recently did natural gas come to the neighborhood. Septic systems and on-site wells are the norm.

Blue River valley living with Baldy Mountain views

Sun is a Colorado native most every day of the year. Within this part of Breckenridge, forests are dense and the many trees dapple that sun like the hides of the horses of the Utes who used to summer in the valley. Choices of sun orientation and proximity to water in this area can meet many tastes, but are definitely factors to consider when looking at homes for sale in Blue River Estates.

The sun will rise later as the ground rises steeply to the east, but homes along the Blue River enjoy long afternoon sun and great views of it setting over and behind the Tenmile Range.

Recreation Around Blue River

A trail through the neighborhood is likely to be found near any home for sale in Sherwood Forest. Your neighbors can probably tell you how to find your way over to Pennsylvania Creek, and a trail along the creek will lead hikers, bikers and cross country skiers quickly to public lands in the National Forest. This trail continues to a ridge between Pennsylvania and Indiana Creek and on toward Baldy Mountain until it intersects with Boreas Pass Road. Miles of trails connect in the area - some better than others for these various uses - but homeowners in Blue River Estates can get so familiar with the area they may never get in a car again to start a hike.

Fishing on the Blue is some of the best in the state, and all residents of Blue River have access and use rights on Goose Pasture Tarn, on the north side of this neighborhood.

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