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Guiding light to Quandary Mountain

McCullough Gulch trailhead in the Northstar neighborhood

At the foot of Summit County’s highest peak, Quandary Mountain, you'll find Northstar Village. Why Northstar, when it is situated in the southern most tip  of Summit County? Maybe this well organized neighborhood is a guiding light  to high altitude living? The altitude is high, the lots are relatively large and the quiet is extraordinary.  The quiet comes in part from being 10 miles from the center of Breckenridge, but this isolation has benefits to homes for sale in Northstar Village: like great privacy and often lower prices compared to other more centrally located property in Summit County.

Northstar is situated on Highway 9 halfway up Hoosier Pass. Getting out of town to the south and over the pass into South Park is easy, so this is great property for people living in Colorado Springs or elsewhere in southern Colorado.  It’s south of the incorporated town of Blue River so it is governed by only by the rules of the county and reasonable neighborhood covenants.

This is also one neighborhood with affordable vacant lots for sale. Home sites are more than one-half acres and can offer great views of the Ten Mile Range and just about all can see Baldy Mountain and Boreas to the east. Ready access to hiking trails and cross country skiing, these lots offer a lot of privacy and quiet. The subdivision plan means there are enough neighbors for company but enough room layout a nice home, garages and find good water. Well drilling in this part of Summit County might be a deep effort, it results in good quality water for a long time. Septic systems cover another utility and this ground is well suited for this.


View of Tarn

Walk up Summit County’s only 14er from your home in Northstar Village, or get a high start on the wheeler trail. Near by McGulloch Gulch offers great stream side hiking. The Blue River runs along the highway at the entrance to the neighborhood and is well known for great fishing.


  • Lots: 358 total
  • Vacant Lots: approx. 1/3  (115)
  • Acreage: .5 to 10 acres
  • Year Built: 1981 to present
  • Square Footage:  661 to 5,292 sq. ft.
  • Size: 1-6 bedrooms

Location and Driving Directions:

Drive south from central Breckenridge for about 9 miles and as the road takes one big switchback, and one gentle one, and prepares for another series, you will take a right turn onto Carroll Lane and go through the welcome arches to Northstar Village.  Any home for sale in Northstar Village, or Quandary Mt. Estates will have a driveway ahead.