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High and Sunny Neighborhood on the climb up Hoosier Pass

view of Quandary from 39 degrees North subdivison

Just south of the town limits of Blue River, where the switchbacks have started on the well paved and traveled road over Hoosier Pass to Fairplay and Park County Colorado, sits a small neighborhood on well-graded roads that climb with the surrounding hills. The homesites that spin off left and right of the few streets in this subdivision vary but are generally large, and sunny. It's high attitude, here in Alpine Breck and the trees are more sparse, the high peaks are closer, and the tourists are far away - a 15-minute drive - in central Breckenridge. Alpine Breckenridge is one of the southernmost of the developed private land subdivisions in unincorporated Summit County, Colorado. 

The lots in Alpine Breckenridge are at least ½ acre and face the dramatic Tenmile Range and its highest peak, Quandary Mountain, the county's only 14er.  The altitude and relative remoteness of Alpine Breck means there are still a few undeveloped lots, and these are desirable building sites because of price, being in no legal entity but the county and good soils for septic and well systems that are the only water and sewer options in this neighborhood.

Recreation up in Alpine Breckenridge

Alpine Breckenridge home

The closest trails to Alpine Breckenridge are the Bemrose Ski Circus - and to get there requires finding a small social trail - an unofficial trail.  Ssshhh - this is not a popular tourist destination, in spite of its cheery name. Really, if you want ski town living without the ski town traffic, call any of the nice folks at Breckenridge Associates and we'll tell you why Alpine Breckenridge is a cool place to live.

Nearby trails just across the Highway from Alpine Breckenridge include those to Blue River Lakes, and the well-marked Quandary Mountain trail that leads to the summit of this Fourteener,  and McCullough Gulch and its bisector, the Wheeler Trail. Hiking and cross-country ski trips can start from your doorstep, and bike rides have plenty of opportunity whether the tires or fat or narrow.

Quick Facts about Alpine Breckenridge:

backyard in Alpine Breckenridge
  • Number of Lots: 75 lots developed by 2017, 168 in total;
  • Vacant Lots: about 50%
  • Acreage: .49 to 1.63
  • Size: 1-5 BR
  • Average Square Footage: 560 to 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Year Built: 1969-present (2015)

Location and Driving Directions:

From the center of Breckenridge, head south on Highway 9. After 7 miles turn right on Mark Circle.

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