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What to Know When Selling Your Summit County Real Estate

Selling your home in the Summit County can be bittersweet. You might miss the home and the community, but you'll likely be very pleased with the returns on your wise investment. 

Selling wisely requires good judgement of the variables like timing, location, pricing, the state of the real estate market, and legal matters involved in the sale of property.

You don't have be an expert in these variables if you find a Realtor who is. How well your selling agent will do the job can be predicted in advance by their statistics and past client experiences. For example, Breckenridge Associates consistently sells more Breckenridge property than any other office and has a returning client rate second to none.

A great first step to understanding price and timing is to get a  free consultation with a Breckenridge Associates agent.

The work involved with selling a Summit County property goes far beyond establishing a list price. Our Why Sellers Should Use a Realtor page goes into detail about what a Realtor should also do. Simple things like scheduling professional photography and uploading the property to the MLS. A smart agent, like your Breckenridge Associates Realtor, will market your property locally, globally and everywhere in between as well as take an inventory, secure surveys and title work, create the required legal contracts, schedule inspections and, importantly, negotiate with the buyer's agent on your behalf.

For property owners who want to know more, we offer detailed information about Colorado real estate law, contracts and a sellers responsibilities. We also have suggestions for staging and dealing with furniture and furnishings. You can find these pages on the Sellers Guide menu on this page.

How We Work for You to Sell

We know the market. An experienced agent who knows the Summit County market is your best tool for maximizing your profits.

As a local independent real estate office, we puts all our efforts into the community where your property is located. No national chain affiliation with interests outside Summit County.

Our support staff works 7 days a week, keeping our office doors open to any potential buyers, and to you to assist with digital and print marketing and scheduling showings.

When unforeseen variables sneak their way into the selling process, we are ready. You will have a knowledgeable agent backed by a team with a hundred years of combined experience, almost every bump imaginable can be handled efficiently and professionally. Our agents are knowledgeable and up to date with current trends in the Summit County market and also experienced enough to make the best decisions for you within the context of the industry. Placing your trust in the right agent can spare you hours of headache and possibly even heartache. Our agents have access to a network of contacts, good negotiation skills in dealing with buyers, sellers, and middlemen, and most importantly, the commitment to meet your unique goals. With our guidance, you can go through the selling process with confidence and peace of mind.

Try our free home evaluation service: We analyze the market for you, taking into account the most actively-searched prices and home values in your area. We then send you a detailed evaluation to help you see the market in the proper context.

See what is on the market: Use the custom search tools on our site to get a better picture of the competition. We also offer a search of recently sold property that you won't find on many other sites.

Talk to one of our agents to discuss your goals and ask any specific questions or concerns you may have about selling your Summit County home. We will guide you through all the necessary steps and ensure your listing gets the best exposure and lands you the right buyer for the right price. 

Why Work With a Breckenridge Associates Real Estate Agent?

In addition to being local, independent and knowledgable, each broker at Breckenridge Associates is an equal owner of the company. This results in an uncommon dedication to the business and a commitment to you as our client to do everything possible to satisfy your real estate needs, maximize your investment, and keep your real estate business for years to come. We have an extremely high customer satisfaction rate with over 75% of our business coming from repeat clients or referrals. 

Our unparalleled knowledge of the local market and economy combined with a well-developed marketing plan, full-time professional support staff and our hallmark Main Street location (with free parking in the back) have resulted in Breckenridge Associates being the highest producing real estate brokerage in Breckenridge and Summit County for many years.

Whether you are Buying or Selling, Call the Home Town Team!  (970) 453-2200