Tips for Sellers :

Water Wells

glass of water

If your Summit County home isn't on town water, you've either gone to the expense of putting in a well, or been happily using one already on the property when you bought it. When you want to sell, what should you do to assure potential buyers that owning a well is a real plus?

Leave out clean glasses when buyers walk through and encourage them to sample the water. Especially if you know it much better than town water. If you've installed filtration that improves the later, let buyers know the details.

You'll want to find the documents you received when you dug the well, or when you bought the property and identify where the well head is on your property. If you've done any lab tests or flow tests, the results of these would be helpful, too. Knowing and having these things show that you've been a careful owner.

Breckenridge well permits are recorded with the Colorado Division of Water Resources, 303.866.3447. To obtain information on a water well and forms, visit the Colorado Division of Water Resources website.

Water Testing:

Proactive testing before you put your house on the market will assure potential buyers who may have never had experience with water well that this is a great asset to own -- like Coors' Rocky Mountain Spring water seems to be a plus for the beer company. Test to prove the drinking water is safe, to offer areas where the water quality could be improve if desired (like softening), and in the case of poor water quality, to offer reasonable solutions that won't break the deal.