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October 2021 Real Estate Market Data Report

for Breckenridge and Summit County, Colorado 

All of Summit County Sales Volume - YTD 2021

Total Breckenridge Real Estate Sales Volume 2021

All Areas of Summit County YTD Sales 2021 - Total Dollar Volume (as of 9.30.2021)

Each month Breckenridge Associates compiles the year-to-date sales data for the Summit County and Breckenridge real estate market, We add new data, revise data as it is made more correct in our MLS system, and create meaningful charts to show you what's happening in our local market.


The links below include several graphs and charts on each of their topics. These break down the total Summit County sales volume by single-family, duplex, townhouse, condo and vacant land sales. "How's the Market" is a compilation of data in several statistical forms including graphs comparing sales volume by year, list-to-sales-price ratios, and much more information that is helpful to buyers and sellers of Summit County real estate.

To enjoy the benefits of the wealth of information Breckenridge Associates Real Estate has been gathering for more than 20 years, please feel free to call (970) 453-2200, and work with any of the Realtors at Breckenridge Associates.

Snapshot of the Summit County Real Estate Market as of September 30, 2021

1. Historical Residential (Condo, Single, Multiple) Sales Statistics

2. Historical Vacant Land Statistics

3. How is the Market?

4. Local Real Estate Firms - Statistical Comparison

5. Statistics by Town in Summit County

The data included here is cumulative, and any omissions or errors in MLS data from previous months is corrected and the compilations revised in each iteration. We, at Breckenridge Associates, have been looking at this kind of information for a long time, and believe this is the most accurate market data available.

Average Sales Transactions in 2020 per Agent in Office

Sales Transaction per Agent in Office

Market Statistics for all of 2020 are also available on this website.

Breckenridge Associates Real Estate compiles market data each month for sales of all property types and all the communities in Summit County. Each Breckenridge Associates agent does more transactions than just about any Realtor in Summit County. Breckenridge Associates Real Estate has been a market leader here since setting up our independent, local-oriented partnership in 1990.