The First Impression is Primary

Please from the first moment. Start with curb appeal - how the property looks to a prospective buyer who drives or walks up - sustain with interior charm - what happens when they open the door. Their first impression should be like a bubble of joy that you don't want to burst.

We at Breckenridge Associates have been selling real estate, collectively, for more than a hundred years, so we know what makes eyes widen - for good or bad - and because we work, play and live in Summit County, we can help you identify ways to improve your homes appeal to buyers here. We are your local experts providing local advice.

You and your home are unique. We'll help you set your home apart from the rest. You know your home and what you love about it.  We'll help you tell that story and add what we know about making a home more appealing in this unique climate. Not everyone has our experience, nor do they know some of the simple things that make a house more livable in Summit County winters.

Simple Ways to Make a Big Impact for a Potential Buyer:

Paint: New paint makes a place feel new and the color of the paint sets the mood. A local decorator can help find an appropriate color to make your property glow.

Staging: The arrangement of furniture can be critical to show off the best features of your home, and inexpensive to fix.  Sometimes you might need different furniture, lighting, and other things you don't have. Your realtor can organize a professional to accomplish this and often it can make a big difference.

Clean up, general organization from closets to cabinets: This will prepare you for moving and make your house more appealing to buyers. Your property should be uncluttered but feel warm. A little elbow grease goes a long way. Once done, keeping it as clean as possible for each showing will just require a little organization. You never know when that one buyer will arrive that will appreciate your property and buy it.

Function: Make sure all systems in the home are in good working order and have been serviced recently. Fixing these prior to any showings eliminates the surprise of things like leaky faucets, squeaky fans, inoperable windows, and doors that don't close properly. Light bulbs that don't light are a universal turn off.

Documentation: If a buyer appreciates your property, it will be very helpful to have information available like the survey, well and septic permits, HOA documents or pictures of the property during other seasons, a guest book if appropriate, rental figures for the past 3 years, amenities on site and nearby, bus routes, appraisals, floor plans and warranties. These show you have cared about the property.

Major Projects: Depending on the property, some larger projects could boost the value of the property, and your Realtor can help you make these choices. Kitchens, decks, and bathrooms usually reap the biggest return on the investment.

Now, walk in the door and see what a great first impression you will give buyers. Whatever their impression is, they will remember it throughout their decision making process. When they say "You know, that home with the wonderful .........," you want that home to be yours.

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Many homeowners wait until the persistent blanket of snow no longer lays upon the county to list their property for sale. This means that June through early September are the busiest months of the year, but our agents can advise your as to the best time to sell depending on your property. Our agents assist buyers and sellers all over Breckenridge and Summit County all year round. Give us a call or email today. We are here to assist you in buying or selling your mountain home.

No matter the topic, our Breckenridge Associates agents are always a wealth of information and happy to answer your questions.