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Climb the Mountain to Descend It

Every year in the spring, it may be a challenge to continue to love winter and the abundant snow that deeply quilts Summit County without a peak at a blade of grass. Spring in the high country is softer snow and plenty of it. And usually warmer weather - no below zero F in March and April. It's a lovely time to climb a mountain and ski down it. 

Each year local outfitters or various nonprofit organizations put together a challenge to those who like to climb up and ski down, and the queen of these events is the Imperial Challenge at Breckenridge.  Held on the weekend so out of towners can participate, this event's date varies every year, but typically in April, always before the last day the Breckenridge Ski Resort runs lifts. A lift ride can be a great way to see the event without actually doing any uphill running, skiing or snowshoeing.

Imperial Bowl is the goal of participants in the annual spring Imperial Challenge and they can get to it by using any method except the ski lift - each participant must get to the bowl under their own power, and then get down to the start. The round-trip is timed and the fastest person is the winner, although points are often given for style and costumes.

Did we forget to mention this is all done in a team-theme costume?