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Happy New Year.  The Breckenridge and Summit County real estate market closed out 2014 with continued signs that the market is maintaining.  The number of properties sold in the Summit County residential real estate market outperformed year-end 2013 by almost 8.5 percent.  The Breckenridge residential market had only a slight gain of one percent.  A positive is that properties are selling at a consistent rate with a significantly lower number of showings. 

For the month of December, all sectors of the real estate market remained flat or outperformed December 2013. 

In Breckenridge, there were 19 single family homes, 4 duplex homes, 27 condos, and 8 townhomes that sold in the month of December 2014.

Overall for the entire county, 52 single…

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The holiday season is upon us and the Town of Breckenridge is bustling with visitors.  The season started off with great snow and we are hoping that as the month goes on, more snow will start to fall.  Now is a great time to get settled into your mountain getaway...come enjoy the rest of the ski season!

The Breckenridge real estate market has remained flat, year to date compared to the same time period in 2013.  At the end of November, the market was down one percentage point.  Until this point in the year, the duplex and townhome market have outpaced 2013 by 51.6 percent and 37 percent, respectively.  Last month, 3 duplex homes and 8 townhomes sold, compared to only 5 of each selling in November 2013.  The Breckenridge condo and single family market…

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Winter is off to a slow start.  Breckenridge was scheduled to open on November 7th, but because of unusually dry weather and warmer than normal temperatures, snow making efforts were put on hold.  So start doing your snow dance to Ullr and hope that the snow starts to accumulate.

Year to date, the real estate market in Breckenridge saw a zero percent change compared to the same time as last year.   For the month of October 2014, there were 31 single family homes, 11 duplex, 30 condos and 11 townhomes that sold.  The Summit County real estate market showed a slight gain, year-to-date, with a six percent increase.  Throughout the county, 81 single family homes, 22 duplex, 121 condos and 27 townhomes sold.

Breckenridge Associates compiles…

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The summer got off to a late start after lots of spring snow. Summer temperatures never climbed to their usual heights, which we all know are never scorching.  More rain than usual has kept Colorado exceedingly green and made recreating a little wetter. In spite of all this, real estate sales volume stayed relatively consistent. Compared to last year’s total number of transactions, 2014 is down a couple of percentage points in Breckenridge and up 3% over the entire county. This small change suggests some buyers didn’t get the ski-town home they were seeking and that winter season sales could be better than normal.

Breckenridge Associates compiles Summit County market data every month with the help of a local statistician and the MLS data.  Whether…

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Whether buying or selling in Summit or Park County, let our local team of real estate experts go to work for you. Contact our local team to learn more about what's happening in Breckenridge, Summit County and Park County real estate, 800.774.7970 or 970.453.2200.  Click here for the latest news about Breckenridge Real Estate. 

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Summer is quickly flying by.  The days are starting to get shorter and school will be starting again soon.  The July statistics are starting to tickle in and the performance of the real estate market is maintaining when compared to the same time as 2013.    

Year to date, the Breckenridge residential real estate market has seen an almost one percent increase in the total number of properties sold, 312 properties sold, compared to 2013, when 309 properties sold.  Overall, July 2014 slightly outperformed July 2013, with 51 residential properties selling versus 45 residential properties selling, respectively.  Last month, 20 single family homes, 7 duplex homes, 15 condos and 6 townhomes sold.    Only the condo market saw a slight decline in the number of…

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With the first half of 2014 coming to an end, the real estate sales in Breckenridge and throughout Summit County have remained stable compared to the same time as 2013.   Overall, the Breckenridge Residential real estate market is slightly behind last year, down 1.52 percent.  The Summit County Residential real estate market is not even a full percentage point below 2013 sales.

Even though residential sales have remained stable in 2014, the number of active listings continues to dramatically decrease.  At the beginning of July 2011, there were 749 active listings compared to the same time in 2014, with only 511 active listings.  Showing totals for the month of June were up about 9 percent.

Breckenridge Associates Real Estate's office is…

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The Breckenridge residential market is remaining stable as the summer buying season begins.  At the end of May 2014, residential sales are outperforming the same period in 2013 by 5.19 percent. Currently, the number of active listings is significantly lower than in past years.  Heading into the summer buying and selling season, Sellers will be seeing less competition, increasing their chances to get a better sales price.  Buyers will have less inventory, so getting all the bells and whistles, for the price they are willing to spend, may be more difficult.  Showings were down significantly, 21.37 percent, year-to-date, through the end of May. 

Following was the sales activity for May 2014 compared to May 2013.

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Springtime is quickly slipping away to summer.  The temperatures are starting to warm up and the snow is melting.  Soon, the only trace of winter that will be left is a few patches on the Ten Mile Range.  The first quarter statistics showed that the Breckenridge and Summit County markets were on track for a better year.  The month of April was a bit slower than the previous months, but that is typical as the visitors leave town and Breckenridge returns to quiet a mountain town. 

For the month of April 2014, the Breckenridge residential market saw 52 properties sold, down from April 2013 when 67 residential properties sold.  Last month, there were 20 single family homes that sold, 4 duplex homes, 23 condos and 4 townhomes that sold.  An impressive sign…

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Breckenridge residential sales through the first quarter of 2014 has increased 34.5% year to date. Summit County has seen an 5.92% increase. Pending sales are remaining strong with 97 residential properties under contract as of April 7th, 2014.  Current inventory is down significantly over 2013.  At the beginning of April, there were only 351 active properties compared to 455 at the same point in 2013 and down drastically over 2012 when there were 516.  Showings are down slightly.

Following is the sales activity for March of 2014 compared to March 2013. 

Buyers, this might be the summer to buy real estate in Breckenridge. Sellers, transactions are the highest since 2008 and the inventory is low, but the price needs to be right in order for…

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