The national and local real estate markets have had a tough few years, but in 2012 the Summit County real estate market showed strong resilience.  Reduced inventory, stronger buyer demand and lower numbers of distressed sales resulted in the first yearly increase in number of properties sold in Summit County.  It was the strongest sales performance since the housing bust. Overall, sales of single family and duplex units throughout Summit County showed a huge advance with 781 sales of single family and duplex units in 2012 vs 433 in 2011. Wow! The same type properties in Breckenridge showed well also with an increase of almost 20% in the number of transactions.  With inventory at a 5 year low, and a higher number of emerging buyers in December and January,…

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In Breckenridge, for January 2013, 14 single family homes sold,
1 duplex sold, 10 condos sold, and 2 townhomes sold.  In Breckenridge, for January 2012,
12 single family homes sold and 11 condos sold.

In Summit County, for January 2013, 44 single family homes sold,
4 duplex sold, 20 condos sold, and 8 townhomes.  In  Summit County, for January 2012,
36 single family homes sold, 1 duplex sold, 38 condos sold, and 3 townhomes sold.

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The Summit County marketplace has started to show signs that the real estate market is starting to recover.  According to our MLS system, sales activity in Summit County is up 19% from 2011 with inventory decreasing approximately 30%. Also, Sellers statistically are negotiating less than a year ago. Overall, the sales prices stabilized in 2012 and in some cases increased. The real estate market usually  trails the Denver market by a year and Denver has seen substantial appreciation increases in the past 18 months. With low interest rates still in our favor, I believe that NOW is a great time to make a purchase in Summit County with very little risk.

Let me now tell you about my TOP 5 choices in today’s arena.

1. 143 Blue Rock Springs- Located 1.5…

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Years ago we used to have an unofficial snow sculpting contest around the streets of Breckenridge. You could walk amongst the scupltures in front of shops and restaurants. Breckenridge Snowflake Challenge takes snow sculpting back to its roots.  The event is set to kickoff on March 4th!  So get your team together to gather snow and win dough.  Visitors and locals are invited to experience how snow sculpting started in Breckenridge.

The event is being sponsored by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate and the founders of Breckenridge’s International Snow Sculpture Championships as a means to continue the tradition of snow artists.

Check back in the next few days for more details on how to register for the Breckenridge Snowflake Challenge. 

For more information…

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Get your beads out! Breckenridge is going to be taken over with masks, boas, beads, music and revelry to commemorate the carnival season of Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras will kick off in style from 6 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 9, with the annual Mardi Gras Ball at Beaver Run Resort. Then on Tuesday, Feb. 12 the Mardi Gras parade will take place at 4:30 p.m. on Main Street, Breckenridge.

The ball will feature dancing, drinks, great Nawlins style cuisine as well as the crowning of the Rex and Queen. Brazilian Samba Dancers will provide the entertainment. Tickets at $55 for singles, $100 for couples and includes a buffet-style dinner. Attendees can purchase tickets in person at the Welcome Center, online at or by calling 970-453-5055.

For those of…

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The fiscal cliff, an economically damaging set of tax hikes and spending reductions scheduled to begin in 2013, has been avoided and that is good news for housing in the short-run.

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 will permanently extend most of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. This legislation prevents a fiscal drag of approximately $600 billion in 2013, which would have been large enough to push the current weak economy into further recession. That in turn would have reduced demand for both owner-occupied and renter housing and threatened the ongoing recovery for home building. That outcome has been prevented for now. However, 2013 may be a year in which comprehensive tax reform is under legislative consideration.

The following items in the Relief Act…

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If you have a house on the market, or are considering it, here are seven tips that will make it easier to sell your house.

1. Maintain Neutrality
This policy has worked for Switzerland, and it can also work in real estate. Customizing your home is great if you plan to stay there, but extreme colors and themed rooms can scare off potential homebuyers. Using neutral colors on the walls can help prospective buyers create their own vision for the house, and will also leave them with less work to undo if they buy the house.
2. Less Is More
Even though you have not moved out yet; removing some of your furniture can help the house move off the market. If you take pictures for your listing, having less furniture can help the home appear more spacious.…

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