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Moose Kisses in Breckenridge

Posted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at 3:05pm.

This is a winter of powder turns, powder whoops*, sore quads, exhausted après, mandatory hot tubs and other great side effects from a ton of snow. Other benefits will include a massive whitewater season from all the runoff, so its a good time to start thinking about planning a spring or summer river adventure.

But moose kisses? Didn't see that one coming. All the snow has brought moose down from the high country and right into town. While they've often wintered close to humans in Cucumber Gulch, Christy Heights, and Peak Seven neighborhoods, this season they've moved right onto Main Street and other lower lying neighborhoods. Location, location, location! They can be observed grazing and strolling, window-shopping, and bunking down for the night in Breckenridge yards, both alone and in groups.

Back to the moose kisses. Some in Breckenridge have noticed their cars seem "cleaner" than they left them the night before. Yes, cleaner is definitely in quotes here. Drawn by the salty road debris, some moose have taken to licking vehicles clean overnight. AKA moose kisses. If you should be so lucky to have your car cleaned by these rouge car washing moose, please snap a photo and share with us here at Breckenridge Associates Real Estate. We cant get enough of this unexpected side effect of all this snow.

(Note- moose are gigantic, sometimes aggressive animals and should be observed from a respectful distance at all times.)

*those joyous sounds you'll hear, or perhaps even make, usually unintentionally, while making turns in fresh snow. Nothing to be ashamed of- happens to the best, most experienced recreators.


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