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Along Boreas Pass Road 

view from Boreas Pass road and south end of Breckenridge subdivisions and neighborhoods

Boreas Pass Road began as a train line that came in town to the Breckenridge depot on the south side of town. This train connected the state's capitol, the Platte River Valley, to Breckenridge and so the area around the depot and tracks had some industrial uses and early hospitality. 

The old Breck Mountain Lodge was a secondary use of one of the rail-related industries and has since been replaced by an outdoor train museum and the ice rink built in the 1990s. Several hiking and biking trails start in town and go to the near-in southside neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are reachable with a short hike although most people drive from the homes in these neighborhoods:

Gold King Placer and Bekkedal are on the west side of Highway 9. Bekkedal is an older neighborhood and has the feel of the Blue River neighborhoods to the south, but there is evidence of smart neighborhood planning that organizes driveways off looping roads. Out the backdoor of the properties on the boundary of this subdivision are community trails that lead to the Blue River, to the Town of Breckenridge and to trails that crisscross the national forest.  Gold King also has large lots and custom-built homes, but is in-fill between what is officially inside the Town of Breckenridge boundaries and the incorporated Town of Blue River. There are social trails through the area that also connect to the public trails, all of which are single-track ways through dense pine and spruce forests. These westerly neighborhoods are all forested. 

On the southeastern side, Boreas Pass Road rises up Baldy Mountain which is where you'll find the first three subdivisions on the list above. Boreas Pass Road was formerly railroad and so makes a gradual climb all the way to the pass named Boreas, a pass between Boreas and Baldy mountains, both very tall 13,000 foot peaks. There are some homes located on steeper ways up the pass like Robber's Nest Road.  But once the first plateau is reached, locals would call the area Woodmoor. There are many condos, townhomes, duplex and single-family homes up in this neighborhood and it has a much different feel than the near-in homes. 

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