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Breckenridge Associates Real Estate 20 years

How do you find the best company of real estate agents in Colorado's Summit County?

At Breckenridge Associates we think the answer is the company in which more than 75 percent of past customers return to buy or sell property or refer their friends and family.

If you're looking online for reviews or ratings for Breckenridge Associates or any of our real estate agents, please visit our What Clients Say page. After nearly every purchase or sale letters pour into our office to thank our brokers, and we post them on that testimonials page. Sometimes our clients might add to an online review site, but at Breckenridge Associates we'd prefer our clients get into their communities and out in their backyard -the forests and mountains of Summit County, instead of writing about us. You almost have to wonder who does do this.

If our customers have time after a great day of powder skiing to Yelp their burger, it’s probably a minority of them. The brokers at Breckenridge Associates make friends with many of their clients, and may even be sharing a meal at that burger shop, But  we respect their time, and don’t ask them to Yelp their realtor. And when you do consult Yelp, you might be surprised that the most highly rated real estate agent lives in the big city 100 or 200 miles away from Summit County. If that agent can tell you where to live in order to get the best sun in the morning, or the most diverse native forest, or good building site, it would be a miracle.

Our Charitable Contributions

  • The Summit Foundation
  • Breckenridge Festival of Film
  • National Repertory Orchestra
  • International Snow Sculpture Championships
  • Summit High School (SHS) Baseball
  • SHS Football
  • SHS Mountain Bike Team
  • SHS Rugby
  • Little Red Schoolhouse
  • SHS Senior Scholarships
  • Summit School of Dance
  • Breck Rally for the Cure
  • Breckenridge Music Festival
  • Family and Intercultural Resource Center
  • Breckenridge Vipers Hockey Team
  • Mountain Top Children's Museum
  • SCY (Summit County Youth)
  • Summit Youth Hockey
  • Breckenridge Speakeasy (Theater)
  • Domus Pacis Family Respite

A recent article by the national association of Realtors suggests you have a look at what and where prospective Realtors have sold property, verify that their license is up to date, and that they are professional and not just part-timers. This article also gives some novel advice about choosing the best Realtor. They suggest you look at how involved they are in their community and find out what the company contributes financially and through volunteering.


That's a great suggestion because Breckenridge Associates has always believed that the health of the community is essential for a healthy business. Breckenridge Associates Real Estate was founded in the 1990s by the agents at Moore & Company, which was a local independent company in Denver that established the Breckenridge office in the 1970s. Moore closed, and the agents started the local and independent Breckenridge Associates, bought and renovated the historic Frank & Theata Brown house on Main Street. Most of the original realtors still work here and have been joined recently by younger, like-minded real estate brokers, all of whom are partners in the business and contribute together financially to the Summit Foundation (the county-wide largest charitable organization), the Breckenridge Festival of Film, the National Repertory Orchestra, Domus Pacis, and more.

Being a Realtor is a full-time job for every one of our agents, but each still finds time to coach a sport, make a snow sculpture, host a visiting NRO music student, or a foreign exchange student. They help with the disabled ski program,  take tickets at the film fest, or organize charity golf tournaments.
If you didn't notice the advice of Realtor.com to see how involved the real estate company is within it's community, you might find other reviews or ratings when you ask online ‘Who are the Best Realtors in Breckenridge, Colorado'. You might find FastExpert. In order to be one of their "real estate experts' you need to give them 25% of your commission.  That's like paying the national office of ReMax or Sothebys. At Breckenridge Associates, we'd rather put our profits back into the community.  

Zillow will also tell you who is the 'best Realtor' in Summit County.  Unfortunately, their factual data is often wrong.  One of our long-time agents is listed as working in Breckenridge, TEXAS!  If you want to always come up as their "top agent" all you have to do as a Realtor is pay them tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe if you don't know the community and you don't have many clients or much experience you could decide to throw big money at a behemoth that advertises big on national TV.  Do you think that's a good basis for Zillow to make a recommendation?  Who is really being helped by these review sites- the investors in the site, or you who is looking for the best realtor? 

By a little different search (maybe independent, local real estate, community-oriented realtor) you should be able to find a few people who are thoroughly involved in the community where they sell property. You should probably interview a handful and pick the person you think has the most relevant experience and skills to market and negotiate your sale or purchase. We wrote this page in hopes that you'd find us, and not Zillow, when looking for the best Realtors in Summit County. Follow the link to find many good reasons why Breckenridge Associates are the best choice.