Supporting & Sponsoring Local Events, Initiatives and Organizations in Our Local Community

Our Hometown Team is deeply involved in preserving Breckenridge as a world-class destination and giving back to our local community. Through our participation in many local organizations and events, we hope to keep Breckenridge a gathering place for generations to come. 

Summit County Organizations We Are Proud to Support

NATIONAL REPERTORY ORCHESTRA: Each summer, our office hosts several front porch concerts featuring the very best young musicians from around the world who travel to Summit County to enrich the mountains with music. The National Repertory Orchestra provides an opportunity for young musicians to be part of an exclusive professional orchestra experience, while developing and refining their musical talents.   

INTERNATIONAL SNOW SCULPTURE CHAMPIONSHIPS: The International Snow Sculpture Championships brings thousands of people to Summit County each January and has helped put our town on the map! Located in the Riverwalk Center, visitors can view the sculptures, meet the artists, vote on their favorites and even visit the Snowflake Lounge, which transforms into a cozy spot to learn about the history of the ISSC. We are proud of our 30 year sponsorship of this iconic Breckenridge event. 

BRECKENRIDGE MUSIC FESTIVAL: Donations to the BMF go toward year-round programming, including the Summer Festival, a Winter Series of concerts and also supports the Festival Orchestra. The BMF provides residents and visitors to Summit County an opportunity to hear an array of great music in various settings. 

THE SUMMIT FOUNDATION: Breckenridge Associates supports the Summit Foundation through the purchase of several premier patron ski passes each year that can be used at numerous Colorado ski resorts. The Summit Foundation supports community organizations that foster health and human services, education, art and culture, sports and recreation and environmental stewardship. The sale of these passes throughout the community raises nearly $1,100,00 annually.

SUMMIT HIGH SCHOOL SPONSORSHIPS AND SCHOLARSHIPS: In support of our local youth, we have donated financial assistance to scholarships, sports and recreational clubs, including youth softball, hockey, soccer and mountain biking. As part of our commitment to ongoing education, we have set up a scholarship for recent graduates from Summit High School.  

SUMMIT TIGERS MOUNTAIN BIKE TEAM: Students from Summit High School participate in cross country mountain bike races with other Colorado youth teams.

SUMMIT RUGBY: The demanding sport of rugby challenges young female athletes to overcome preconceived notions about the female athletic ability. More importantly, team participation drives a desire for success in all areas of life and members learn that true success is measured by the encouragement offered to others. 

BRECKENRIDGE FILM FESTIVAL: Breckenridge Associates is one of the original and longest running donors to the Breckenridge Film Festival. We also sponsor opening night, which has featured Hollywood hits such as L.A. Confidential, American Beauty and Shawshank Redemption. Each fall, a unique and varied array of independent films, premieres, receptions, educational programs and retrospectives honoring featured guests takes place high in the Colorado Rockies 

BRECKENRIDGE OUTDOOR EDUCATION CENTER: Donations to the BOEC, a national leader in outdoor adventure education, are used to help those with disabilities and special needs participate and find joy in outdoor experiences. The BOEC strives to integrate disability with ability providing frequent and accessible experiences for all.  

DOMUS PACIS RESPITE: Domus Pacis Family Respite encourages cancer patients, their families and friends to escape to the beauty of the mountains and experience the peace that comes from creating joyful memories for the people they most cherish. The Domus Pacis Family Respite makes a difference in the lives of numerous families every year. Their goal is to conquer the logistical hurdles necessary to bring a family together during the struggle of a traumatic illness.

FAMILY INTERCULTURAL RESOURCE CENTER: As a sponsor of the annual FIRC Fashion Show, the largest fundraiser of the year, we help support FIRC in their mission to serve Summit County, Colorado, in parenting education, emergency assistance, community support, a food bank, cultural integration and an affordable thrift store.   

SUMMIT YOUTH HOCKEY: Provides local boys and girls with the opportunity to learn the sport of ice hockey, compete at all levels, experience teamwork, sportsmanship and pursue great moments in a safe environment.

THE SUMMIT DANCE FUND: Provides scholarships to local dancers for the opportunity to broaden their dance education outside of our small Summit County community. Dancers who are awarded these scholarships receive funding for dance training in places like Denver, New York and Los Angelas. The scholarship only covers training tuition.

SUMMIT HUTS ASSOCIATION: Founded in 1987, Summit Huts has developed and maintained a system of backcountry huts for outdoor enthusiasts in spectacular natural settings for community, charitable and educational programs. There are five huts in Summit County which must be reserved in advance and can only be accessed by non-motorized trails. 

KEYSTONE SCIENCE SCHOOL: A beautiful learning camp nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Keystone. KSS offers diverse programs around STEM-based programs, health and nutrition and experiential learning for grades K-12. Campers explore the natural world and gain leadership and wilderness skills.

LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE GOLF TOURNAMENT: The Little Red Schoolhouse is a nonprofit corporation that provides high quality education and childcare as well as a resource and support system for the families of enrolled children.

SUMMIT MEDICAL NURSE LUNCHES: As a token of utmost appreciation, our agents delivered 80 meals to the nurses at St. Anthony’s Medical Center in Frisco in March of 2020 and again in January of 2021.