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Every December, Hear it Said:  Ullr! Ullr!

Ullr Fest King and Queen - Breckenridge Associate Rob Neyland and Deb Neyland as King and Queen of Ullr

Ullr Fest 2020 has been postponed until 2021.

For decades Breckenridge has been creating memorable vacations, fantasy-like lifestyles for locals and rhapsodic alternates for second-home owners. In December, we enjoy the myth of Ullr. For more than 50 years, we’ve pretended Ullr Fest was some kind of ancient ritual from the nebulous old country and Ullr was the Norse god of snow. Not that we adore false idols here. We simply know we’re crazy to be living in a place where snow can pile up so high it meets the snow sliding from the roof. We need a winter festival that’s just for fun. 

So our legend of Ullr is a complete fabrication created by ski-town hippies who began spinning this myth way back in the 60s. Every winter the myth gets magnified and confabulated, possibly aided by spirits (spirits of the kind usually found in mugs and flasks). Like St. Bernard dog of cartoon lore, we carry these spirits around to warm ourselves and friends. We dress like bundled-up snow royalty from a time when fur was big, while we crown kings and queens of Ullr, have skating and skiing parties, play silly games, make bonfires and watch the parade.

Ullr costumes and many horned hats show up on Main Street Breckenridge every January

We flock to Main Street to chant Ullr! Ullr! from under the horns of our Viking-esque costumes. Ullr! Ullr! we repeat stomping our bundled arms and legs as we wait curbside for this year’s mythology to roll down the street on flatbeds. Will we see the return of the Synchronized Waxing Team or the Lost Snow Mine and the Rabid Powder Seekers or the Train to Debauchery? Almost certainly there will be under-clothed, winter-dwellers jumping on skis from off the back of a truck parading down Main Street. Most definitely there will appear ridiculous plays on words like “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tele".

When you Google Ullr, there’s the wiki stuff about Norse mythology with several spellings and references to a minor god, hardly mentioned in old literature. A god of winter, archery, the hunt, and several similarities to our Ullr: A great physical character, a multi-dimensional athlete, devotee of skis and snowshoes. Some legends say he taught everyone to ski.

You will also find our ski-town mythology in Google.  Every winter, you can hear parents tucking in their children at night, saying   … Long, long ago, way back in the ’60s, our forebearers on this land longed for a winter festival to stave off the cabin fever, to show we can stay up past Happy Hour, and they created Ullr Fest. Across the white land, you could hear people cry Ullr! Ullr …



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