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Homes in The Alders, a Keystone single-family home neighborhood

Around the base and borders of the Keystone Ski Resort, on the more secluded east side of the community, the Alders is a single family neighborhood constructed in this century with a modern mountain style full of natural wood and study stone.

Designed for year-round residents and vacation seekers who need a slightly larger property, these homes are custom built and have all the features common to luxury homes, whether in the town or country.

Additionally, homes in a townhouse-style and  a smaller size have also been recently built in the same neighborhood to offer another variety of home.

Take a look at the available Alder homes for sale found below, or read more about this beautiful Keystone community.

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More about the Alders Community

The Alders, single-family homes on Keystone's Dercum Mountain

Just up the road, you'll dead end on the runs of Dercum Mountain which is not as suburban as the nicely paved streets imply. The free transportation around Keystone can return you and your skis, just a short walk from home after a visit to the shops and restaurants of Keystone's River Run after a day a skiing the resorts three mountains.

Since Keystone offers night skiing on Dercum Mountain, it's even possible to take the the lift up and ski home.

Quick Facts about the Alders:

  • Number of Lots: 131 total; single family, vacant land and townhomes
  • Vacant Lots: 12
  • Acreage: 0.02 to .77
  • Size: 3-6 bedrooms
  • Size: 1,789 sq. ft. to 6,752 sq. ft.
  • Year Built: 2005-2019 (with some still vacant)
  • Amenities: close to the Keystone ski resort

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