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Sculptors Done - Sun Takes Over

Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Competition 2013

The final gun sounded at 10 a.m. on the 22nd annual International Sculpture Competition, today. The intensity of the past four days: people and tools of all stripes working on the snow, crawling all over 10-foot x 10-foot blocks has transformed into mobs of people streaming by the 15 finished sculptures that sit cordoned over like works in a museum.

2013 Snow Sculpture Competition Breckenridge, Colorado, Team Breck's Sculpture of a carosel

Team Breckenridge Carosel from last year's competition.

Last night many teams working through the night to finish. Team Breckenridge hosted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate had finished the structure of the carousel, and was working on detailing the horses and adding jewels to the crown. "We only stayed out until two," said one team member working on the sculpture. He was feeling successful with getting any sleep at all, remembering many years when the team worked all night.

One team working late last night was not in the official competitors. They were finishing the sculpture for one of the sponsors, Cadillac, and making it a piece that can be climbed. These guys are some former Team Breck mates, and the founding fathers of the Breckenridge event, Rob Neyland and Ron Sheldon, partners / brokers at Breckenridge Associates Real Estate.

Snow sculpting is a lot of work, but although these guys have day jobs, they can't stay away. If you want to hear more of the story, Yahoo News was in town this week and they're putting together a story about Rob for Second Act, a Webby Award-winning series about real stories celebrating life, passion and reinvention.

Today, the tools are all put away, and viewers with their cameras are all over the site, keeping a good distance. The judging took place this morning, and the sculptors are probably getting some rest, while everyone waits -- until tomorrow at 3:45 p.m. -- for the results.