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Winter Sports and Recreational Opportunities

crosscountry skiing

Alpine skiing and snowboarding are the most obvious winter sports in our ski town, but there are many more sports and recreational opportunities for folks in Summit County to get out, get some strong Colorado sun and Vitamin D.


Our skiing page gives general information on all of the Summit County ski resorts which are open to snowboarding as well. Information on cross-country skiing, can be found on our Nordic Skiing page along with where to learn and practice the several Nordic styles of skiing.


For those who don't like the idea of sliding - on skis or snowboards - snowshoeing can be a stable, alternative way to be outdoors. Snowshoe design has not changed much from those made by Native American Indians as a way to get around in the winter.

Snowshoes have two important parts: the racket that keeps the person from sinking in deep snow and the crampon that keeps movement forward. With the help of the crampon, snowshoers can climb without sliding backwards and descend without sliding too quickly. On snowshoes, winter campers can easily carry a pack and stay in control, uphill and downhill. Snowshoes can be rented at most of Summit County's ski rental outlets or Nordic ski centers.

After learning to strap into the binding of the snowshoe, you're ready to go! Picking a trail is as easy as picking one for a hike since steepness challenges only the snowshoers fitness- not their ability to stay in control. Variables in snow quality can change how deep you sink. In the case of unstructured snow, sometimes called Sugar Snow, it may be best to stay on a packed trail. Visit our Hiking page, to get ideas of where to snowshoe.

Skating: Figure and Hockey

Two hockey-size skating rinks are housed in the Stephen C. West Ice Rink, one indoors and the other outdoor and covered. Both are heavily scheduled for team hockey practice, but also offer open skate times. 

Silverthorne opens the North Pond for ice skating in the winter. 


Carter Park, one of the public parks in the town of Breckenridge, is a great place for families and dogs. The hill above the tennis courts is perfect for sledding because of the long flat runout. Originally dressed out with a rope tow, local kids used to learn to ski on this hill. The newest sledding hill opened in 2020 and is just off Airport Road. 

Recreation Centers 

Both the Breckenridge and Silverthorne recreation centers offer numerous indoor activities during the winter. 

Winter Recreation Links:

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