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View from the top of Hoosier Pass into Placer Valley neighborhood

Just south of Hoosier Pass

Placer Valley is not far from Breckenridge, but lies stunningly at the foot of some of the highest peaks in Colorado. This pacific neighborhood - Placer Valley - is named for the gold mining done in it flowing streams. Panning and other methods used to find gold washed naturally from rock is called the "placer technique" (placer is pronounced plass-er). Here, there are many waters that could have been placer mined. Quartzville Creek comes together with Moose Creek and adds to the upper reaches of Middle Fork, the middle fork of the South Platte River, which meets the North Platte somewhere in Nebraska and eventually flows to the Missouri River.

Mount Lincoln, Bross and Democrat are 14ers that form a cathedral-like backdrop for Placer Valley. All can be climbed from roads accessed through Placer Valley. These 14ers are a popular "bag in one day" treat for those hikers who are trying to ascend to the peak of every 14-thousand plus mountain in Colorado.

Placer Valley - What's for Sale

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More about Placer Valley

In Placer Valley, we are on the eastern side of the Continental Divide, and so these former gold glittered waters flow into the combined Platte River that joins the mighty Missouri River near Omaha, and eventually drains to the Gulf of Mexico. Head back up and cross over Hoosier Pass, and when you spill your coffee it will drain into the Pacific Ocean. The Continental Divide is the spine of America, and home to the "purple mountains majesty" we sing about in America, the Beautiful.

Fishing, Hiking and Stellar Views

From Placer Valley, follow the jeep roads along it creeks and you'll start climbing quickly. Fishing is good here, and several trails for skiing and hiking veer off from the main jeep roads. Montgomery Reservoir is just north of this valley; beautiful but cold year round.


  • Lots: About 600 total
  • Vacant Lots: Approx. 1/3
  • Acreage: .41 to 17.8 acres (generally, most are 0.5 acre to 1.5 acres)
  • Year Built: 1955 to present
  • Square Footage: 120 to 4,706 sq. ft.
  • Size: 1 to 6 bedrooms, 1 to 3.5 bathrooms

Location and Driving Directions:

Drive south from central Breckenridge for about 15 miles to the top of Hoosier Pass. Cross the pass and you'll see Placer Valley on the right-hand side of Highway 9.  Homes and land for sale here will be on the road the heads back north and some switchback along the first hill above the river.