Street Party in Breckenridge

Mardi Gras  — 

Find your FAT TUESDAY Mardi Gras party in Breckenridge every winter on that special day before the beginning of Lent. It is well known that Mardi Gras lovers and beaucoup visitors from New Orleans take over Breckenridge each Mardi Tuesday (before Ash Wednesday) with masks, boas, beads, music and revelry to celebrate the carnival season.

The free Mardi Gras Street Party will happen at different locations every year but just follow the beads and you'll find it. You can anticipate more Fat Tuesday with the following calender. Look forward!

Breckenridge Mardi Gras celebration on Main Street

2015 FEB 17
2016 FEB 9
2017 FEB 28
2018 FEB 13
2019 MAR 5
2020 FEB 25
2021 FEB 16
2022 MAR 1
2023 FEB 21
2024 FEB 13