The number of homes that have sold continues to rise, along with the mortgage rates.  With rates rising, cash deals are becoming even more popular.  Many of these cash buyers are luxury buyers and international investors.  Better Homes and Garden conducted one of largest surveys on luxury owners, and you will be surprised with the results.

According to the survey, "Today's luxury homeowners and buyers are much savvier and more confident than ever.  They know what they want and have the resources and capabilities to get it, allowing them to transform luxury living spaces into ultra-comfortable, high-tech homes.  Gone are the days when overwhelming square footage equate to dream homes.  The affluent buyer now seeks multiple homes to fit their lifestyle needs and extra amenities, which an affinity for high-tech features."

The survey was conducted with 500 luxury homebuyers and they revealed what was important in a home.  An astounding 75 percent of investors claim that the homeownership is a more solid investment than the stock market.   The real estate market is starting to see confidence levels rise.  Also, 57 percent of luxury homeowners claim that the home that they own is a better indicator of their success than their job or title.

Chris, from Fox Business News, is quoted, "They (luxury homeowners) are putting their money there  (real estate) because they see it as a long-term investment- and a solid long-term investment- now that the housing prices are starting to rise.  If you look at the average homes prices... they are up 14% year over year and those are the numbers that they're looking at."

The agent relationship with luxury homeowners has progressed as well.  The amount of real estate information available has made everyone more informed than ever.  Ninety percent of luxury homebuyers are relying on their agent to provide more information than ever before.  When asking about neighborhood lifestyle, 65 percent of luxury homebuyers are asking their agents questions, 64 percent are interested in new listing information, 55 percent are asking for advice on the housing trends, and 53 percent count on their agent on a personal level during the buying process.  "These findings tell us that the luxury consumer understands the importance of human element in delivering the ultimate customer experience," said Chris from Fox Business News.  This has revealed that an agent is more than just someone that assists with a transaction.  An agent is someone that is to be trusted during the transaction and afterwards.

Three additional findings from the Better Homes and Garden survey include:

1. Luxury Homeowners are investing in more than one piece of real estate.  Out of those surveyed, 53% of them like to own in an area where they can enjoy a "lifestyle", like skiing.

2. Bigger homes are not always a necessity.  Sixty percent of those surveyed said that they would prefer many upgrades rather than more square footage.

3.  Sixty-six percent of those surveyed say that having a "smart" home is more important than a "green" home.  These "smart" homes are not all high-tech options.  Most luxury homeowners would like an outdoor oasis (53%), outdoor fireplace/fire pit (50%), or a separate guest house (47%).  The high-tech amenities include turning on the heat from a hand-held device before you get home or making sure that they remember to close the garage door from your iPhone.

Breckenridge and Summit County are wonderful places to find your luxury home.  If you are interested in attaining your dream home, then please make sure to contact on of our Realtors. To learn about real estate opportunities in Breckenridge and Summit County, Colorado. 800.774.7970 or 970.453.2200.

Source:, "Luxury Homeowners Believe Real Estate is a More Sound Investment than the Stock Market" Posted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on


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