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Ten Reasons to Hit the Slopes This Season, plus cute sweaters

Posted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on Monday, December 5th, 2016 at 2:16pm.

One. The Breckenridge Distillery opens a new restaurant with Top Chef alum Daniel O’Brien, described as “quirky and hugely creative.” He will focus on paring menus and cooking over a whiskey barrel wood fueled fire.

Since this is Daniel’s first time living in a ski town, we asked him what he was looking forward to as a first time local who hasn’t stepped on his skis in 10 years. “I’m opening a new restaurant- I’m in at 7:30-8am and I leave at 2am. Hopefully I’ll get to ski some, and maybe take my wife ice skating.”

While resourcing ingredients at 10,000 feet is certainly a challenge, Daniel is feeling up to the task and is researching and establishing relationships with regional suppliers. He recently found a Vail based cheese maker and looks forward to the abundance of high altitude summer herbs and flowers. Natural collaborations with the products of the distillery will be used and integrated in to the menu- fresh ideas include creating barrel char used in a pasta and on a smoked chicken dish that imbue a woody, earthen finish to the food.

Chef Daniel related that an ill-fated cross-country hitchhiking trip from California to Rochester NY in 2002 that left him stuck and nearly arrested in Colorado makes Breckenridge an unexpected location.

We expect the warm welcome this celebrated foodie is sure to enjoy in Breckenridge will turn his youthful Colorado experience around. Be sure to visit the Breck Distillery and say hello to our newest restaurateur.

Two. Skiing makes you better looking. It’s proven- ask anyone who has ever been to après ski. You could start your research at the Breckenridge Distillery profiled above. Worst case scenario? A great meal and local award wining spirits.

Three: The views. They only get better as you go higher, and Breckenridge’s Imperial Express the highest lift in North America.

Four. Those that play together, stay together. Go build some memories with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Five: What else are you going to do with that GoPro? Get out there and film some hero- (or zero-) making footage.

Six: Vitamin D. You need it, and Colorado has 300 days of sunshine a year. At 10,000 + feet and the added reflection from the snow, one must be mindful of sun protection. There are tons of great option from sunscreens to hats and goggles.

Seven: The Crepe Cart. No need to change out of your ski clothes for this quick and super tasty treat- walk over to this Breckenridge mainstay just steps from our Main Street office, order your sweet or savory crepe, grab a seat by the fire and enjoy.

Eight: Adult Milkshakes at Empire Burger in Breckenridge. Why should kids have all the fun?

Nine: Cross Country Skiing is one of the best aerobic, low impact workouts available in the entire world.

Ten: Hot Tubbing. Period. End of story.

Eleven: Cute sweaters!

Come and enjoy one or all of the reasons to hit the slopes this season.  If you want more insight about our mountain town, feel free to contact on of our Broker/Partners...we love sharing our knowledge!

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