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Summer Activities in Breckenridge

Posted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on Sunday, July 8th, 2018 at 7:36pm.

Unlike winter, which is all about business (if you mean skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, skinning, fat biking…) summer is all about play in the high country. And high country play is play that you want to take seriously. So now that we’ve got that settled- what are we playing at 9000+ feet?

Let’s start with golf, since the altitude’s effect here is almost 100% in the pure benefit department. Unless your first connected drive ever happened above 9000 feet, you should immediately notice the 20% or so of additional yardage that this altitude unlocks. Less resistance equals more distance equals hero golfers equals fun. Get out there and crush some drives, folks.

So if the “less resistance equals more distance” can also be read as “lack of air” just know there are solutions for that. Not every single high country summer activity is purely human powered, though it can seem that way judging by the sheer amount of high altitude/low body fat flesh that spends the summer wrapped in spandex and hovering over a bike seat. There are activities for us mere mortals, and those not operating at an Olympic level.

Rafting in the Rockies requires an immense tolerance for fun. Spending time in a rubber raft bouncing down narrow canyons, surrounded by friends, piloted by a talented character of a guide, atop recently melted snow known as runoff, under the shadow of snowcapped mountains- that is a well-spent afternoon. Or week. Or three. No spandex required.

Want to ride a bike but not so excited about the uphill grind? We have ways to harness the slopes to do the heavy lifting. The ski resorts run the lifts in the summer, and you can take your bike up with you. And just like the winter buffet of green, blue and black ski runs, you can find beginner, intermediate and expert options on your way down- even parks with jumps. Vail Pass has a paved bike path, and local businesses will both rent you a comfortable bike and offer you a ride in a van to the top, and then meet you at the bottom after an exhilarating roll down through stunning high country vistas.

And then there is Epic Discovery Breckenridge- a whole new way to look at playing in nature. Located on Peak 8, and accessible by a free and scenic gondola ride, Epic Discovery Basecamp offers everything from family friendly mini golf to alpine slides and more. Another chairlift ride takes you to the Epic Discovery Alpine Camp at the top of Colorado SuperChair, including hiking and climbing options and an Alpineer Challenge Course.. If all that sounds a little heart pumping, new this year is the $29 scenic lift and lunch option- no ziplining required.

And since we treat fun like our business and business is fun, there is no one better than a Breckenridge Associates Real Estate Partner/Broker to talk to about all the high country has to offer. From driving ranges to rowdy rivers to ski houses, we’ve got a lock on the fun stuff.



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