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Style and Function for Your Home Office

Posted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on Monday, March 1st, 2021 at 10:33am.

Is the work-from-home phenomena here to stay? Whether your home office is temporary, evolving to flex or permanently remote, you need a space that fosters successful job performance. Rather than a physical transport to the office, the home office requires a mindset shift from sanctuary to productivity.

Where to put the home office? An extra living area, spare bedroom or loft are obvious choices, but if square footage is limited, put any extra space to work- a closet, nook, laundry room, or maybe just one wall. Take advantage of allotted wall space with a hanging organizer, sconce lighting, work boards or floating shelves. If space allows, check with your tax professional to find out about possible tax deductions for rooms that are solely dedicated to office space.

Technology you will need: A computer and high-speed internet, of course, but you may also need a newer/higher-quality router, wifi extenders, an additional phone line or VolP (Voice over Internet Phone).

Versatile function:  While a desk is ideal, another piece of furniture may have to provide double duty such as a bistro table or entry table- something large enough for your laptop and coffee cup. Files can be kept in a rolling set of drawers or cabinet. If space is tight, consider that your desk can even be wall mounted like a floating shelf or a Murphy Bed- fold it out for work and store it out of sight when work is complete.

Comfort: You won’t want to sit long if comfort is lacking. Don’t skimp when it comes to an office chair. According to ergonomic experts, you should be able to look straight ahead at your computer screen and reach your keyboard and mouse without having to bend your wrists. A standing desk is an even better option. Just be sure to adjust your standing desk to the correct height and pair it with a mat designed to protect your feet and joints from fatigue and pressure.

Privacy: Distraction will likely be the biggest productivity crusher when working from home. Children, pets or the sight of an unfinished chore such as laundry or a DIY project can lure you away from work tasks. If your home office cannot be in a room that offers a door to shut out the distractions of home, consider creating a cubicle with a folding partition. When the work day is over, the partition can be folded and stored away.

Lighting:  Natural lighting is shown to increase productivity and improve health and wellbeing by triggering the release of endorphins (the happy hormone). Use plenty of artificial lighting to prevent eye fatigue and strain when natural lighting is not available.

Decorative inspiration: Choose colors that most inspire productivity and concentration within you. Choose a few photos or art work that will manifest your goals and ambitions. 

Accessories:  Depending on the type of work you do, you may need noise-cancelling headphones with a microphone, a Bluetooth speaker for background music, a printer, a laptop stand, cord management devices, and a mini fridge for snacks and drinks to avoid kitchen trips that could result in distraction.

Other Helpful Tips:

  1.        Make a schedule for hours that will be dedicated to work and stick to it! The time blocking method is very useful to focus on specific tasks throughout the work day. Designating an exact time for daily tasks greatly increases productivity.
  2.        Set boundaries with friends and family members. Consider a “working” sign for your office door.
  3.        Have separate computers for home and work.
  4.        For video conference calls, be mindful that the background and lighting can make or break the professionalism of your work-from-home role.

With the increase in companies allowing employees to work remotely, our community has seen more buyers who are making a permanent move to the mountains of Summit County. Maybe you’re already here and just needing more space for a home office. Regardless of your needs, the dedicated team of brokers at Breckenridge Associates have the insider knowledge and experience required to help you find a home in today’s market. We invite you to step into our own office on Main Street in Breckenridge or give us a call today.

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