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Secret Stash - The Dew Tour Hits Breckenridge This Week

Posted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on Monday, December 12th, 2011 at 8:12pm.

The Dew Tour returns to Breckenridge this week, December 15-18! In its 4th year, the Winter Dew Tour will again focus the eyes of the extreme skiing and riding world on Breckenridge. This year the stakes have again been elevated for Breckenridge Ski Resort’s award-winning Freeway Terrain Park.

The Winter Dew Tour consists of three major, multi-sport events spanning across the country, with a cumulative points system, and a $1.5 million competitive purse. Each event features snowboard (superpipe and slopestyle) and freeskiing (superpipe and slopestyle). 

At season’s end, the overall points leaders are crowned year-end champions and awarded the prestigious Dew Cup. Visitors can plan to enjoy the Festival Village, specialty competitions and live music performances.

There are many opportunities throughout the weekend for spectators to watch the best athletes compete. Come out and support these amazing skiers and snowboarders.

Breckenridge’s Dew Tour Competition Schedule:
Tuesday, December 13
8am-4pm, Slopestyle Men/Women Open Practice 
8am-4pm, SuperPipe Men/Women Open Practice  

Wednesday, December 14
8-9:30am, SNB SlopeStyle Men/Women Practice
8-10:30am, SNB SuperPipe Men/Women Practice   
9:30-11:30am, Ski SlopeStyle Men Practice
10:30-11am, SNB SuperPipe Women Practice   
11am-12:30pm, SNB SuperPipe Women Qualifier    
11:30am-3:30pm, Ski SlopeStyle Men Qualifier   
12:30-1pm, SNB SuperPipe Men Practice   
1-4pm, SNB SuperPipe Men Qualifier   

Thursday, December 15 (Festival Village Hours: 9am-4pm)
8-9:15am, SNB SlopeStyle Men Practice   
8-11am, Ski SuperPipe Men Practice   
9:15am-1:15pm, SNB SlopeStyle Men Qualifier   
11am-2pm, Ski SuperPipe Men Qualifier   
1:15pm-2:15pm, SNB Slopestyle Women Practice   
2-4pm, SNB SuperPipe Men/Women Practice  
2:15-4pm, SNB Slopestyle Women Qualifier    

Friday, December 16 (Festival Village Hours: 9am-4pm)
8-9:45am, Ski SlopeStyle Men Practice   
8-9:15am, SNB SuperPipe Men/Women Practice  
9:15-10:15am, SNB SuperPipe Women Semi-Final  
9:45am-Noon, Ski SlopeStyle Men Semi-Final   
10:15am-Noon, SNB SuperPipe Men Semi-Final
12:15-1:45pm, SNB SlopeStyle Men Practice   
12:30-2pm, Ski SuperPipe Men Practice   
2-4pm, Ski SuperPipe Men Semi-Final   
1:45-4pm, SNB SlopeStyle Men Semi-Final   

Saturday, December 17 (Festival Village Hours: 9am-4pm)
8-9:15am, SNB SlopeStyle Men/Women Practice  
9:15-10am, SNB SlopeStyle Women Practice   
10-11:30am, SNB Slopestyle Women Semi-Final  
10-11:15am, Ski SuperPipe Men Practice
11:30am-4pm, Slopestyle Open Practice    
11:30am-12:30pm, Ski SuperPipe Men Final    
12:30-1:45pm, SNB SuperPipe Men/Women Practice 
2-2:40pm, SNB SuperPipe Women Final   
3-4pm, SNB SuperPipe Men Final   
5-11pm, Nike Chosen One             
Concert @ Riverwalk

Sunday, December 18 (Festival Village Hours: 9am-4pm)
8-9:15am, SNB SlopeStyle Men/Women Practice
9:30-10:10am, SNB SliopeStyle Women Final
10:30-11:30am, SNB SlopeStyle Men Final   
11:30am-12:15pm, Ski SlopeStyle Men Practice   
12:30-2pm, Ski SlopeStyle Men Final

Dew Tour Party Schedule:
**Thursday, December 15 9pm: Dew Tour Kickoff Party with Forum Snowboards at Cecilia's
**Friday, December 16 9pm: Official De Tour After Party at Liquid Lounge
**Saturday, December 17 10pm: Official Dew Tour After Party with Prime Element performing at Three20South after the Nike Chosen Rail Jam and Concert at the Riverwalk

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