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Breck Snowflake Challenge - Photos & Results

Posted by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on Saturday, January 7th, 2012 at 8:59pm.

The 4th Annual Breck Snowflake Challenge Amateur Snow Sculpture Competition in Breckenridge was a huge success. This event saw 17 local teams haul in their own snow and create amazing works of snow art up and down Main Street. After a week of hard work and fun, the top artists were awarded nearly $3,500 in cash combined.

Winning Teams for the 4th Annual Breck Snowflake Challenge:
1st = $1,500 Team Gravy Train
2nd = $1,000 Team Wagner Designs
3rd = $500 Team Snow Caps at Paragon Lodging
4th = $250 Team Fatty's
2 Honorable Mention Prizes, $100 each - Team CrossFit Breckenridge and Team Ready, Paint, Fire.
These Honorable Mention Prizes were last minute prizes pledged by Breckenridge Associates Real Estate ($100) and by the 3 event judges: Ken Miller, Gary Soles, and Greg Gutzski ($100) to honor two teams who demonstrated exceptional effort.

A highlight of the contest was the back story of the 1st Place Winning Team, Team Gravy Train. The team participated in the Breck Snowflake Challenge with the sole plan of winning and donating all of their prize money to their friend Bennett Bacon. Bennett (along with the members of Team Gravy Train) is a snowcat operator at Breckenridge Ski Resort. He recently sustained injuries from hitting a tree on the mountain while snowboarding. Team Gravy Train really came through for their friend. With 95 hours of creativity and hard work on their sculpture, they walked away with the Grand Prize of $1,500 and gave it to Bennett to put toward paying his medical bills from the accident. Summit Daily News featured a story on Team Gravy Train and the team's giving spirit. As producers and sponsors of this fun, home town event, we take great pride in the creativity, dedication and especially the giving nature of Team Gravy Team! Way to come out on top and demonstrate such compassion and care for your friend in need. You are true winners and a great example for all!

The well-known signature Breckenridge snow sculpting event, the International Snow Sculpture Championships (ISSC) return to town later this month. Last year "Team Breck", a local team nurtured through the Breck Snowflake Challenge event, brought home the Bronze medal. What an honor. We can't wait to be a part of the 22nd year of the ISSC in Breckenridge.

Breck Snowflake Challenge Photos:
                                     Team Kenosha Steakhouse

                                      Team Main Street Outlet

                                          Team Mi Casa

                    Team Ready, Paint, Fire (Honorable Mention)

                Team Snow Caps - Paragon Lodging (3rd Place)

                                          Team Starbucks

                                      Team Summit Monkeys

                               Team CrossFit (Honorable Mention)

                                         Team Fattys (4th Place)

                                    Team Gravy Train (1st Place)

                               Team Wagner Designs (2nd Place)

                                         Team WoodZWayz

Here are a few quotes overheard from the judges:
"Very impressed by the effort and creativity this  year.  Teams had to work extra hard and be committed to the idea due to a lack of snow on Main Street." -Ken Miller
"It's amazing!  How talented!"
"The best pieces were really finished, polished with clean, crisp lines."
"Some of the sculptures were so detailed! So unique!"
"The amount of snow these teams brought in was impressive."
"It takes a cool idea that has been well executed to place in the top 4."
"To be really success, you need a completed piece with a high level of dedication that the audience can relate to."

Proudly Sponsored by:  Breckenridge Associates Real Estate, The Breckenridge Resort Chamber, Coors Tap the Rockies, The Summit Daily News, and KSMT Radio

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