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February 2021

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There aren’t many things on this earth that bring out our inner child the way a snowfall does. It can be a truly magical experience. When we say “snowflake,” we are actually referring to a “snow crystal”.  A snow crystal is a singular crystal of ice. Snowflake is the more general term that is technically an individual snow crystal, but it can also define almost anything that falls from winter clouds. A snow crystal is born when a speck of dust or pollen is caught by water vapor high in the atmosphere. The speck freezes into a tiny crystal of ice formed by water molecules in a precise hexagonal prism. They are heavier than the surrounding air and begin falling.

As a newly-born snow crystal tumbles from the sky, it embarks upon its journey from the

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Despite lower-than-average snowfall, ski and riding conditions remain good and people from all over the country continue to visit our little mountain town. Low interest rates coupled with a desirable location continues to increase buyer demand in Summit County. More than ever, it’s important to have a local agent with deep ties in the community who can help you find a great property before someone else snatches it up. Breckenridge Associates is the local leader in active listings and in-house sales. Your dream home may be listed below, but if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact one our expert agents today to begin your search. Here are Breckenridge Associates Real Estate Top 5 Deals for February 2021:


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When is the last time you sat on a sled or saucer and pointed yourself down a snowy decline? If it’s been more than a year, than that is way too long! Sledding is the ultimate, timeless winter activity. Age doesn’t matter because laughter and the great outdoors are good for everyone. So grab a sled, tube, saucer or anything that will slide on snow and head to one of the free hills in Breckenridge. 

The Carter Park sledding hill is at the south end of High Street in downtown Breckenridge and was the first official town sledding hill. The Carter Park Hill was originally a one-run ski hill with a tow rope installed in 1976 to get skiers up the hill and was a great place for locals to learn to ski. In 1986, the tow rope was stolen and the hill did not open

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With approximately 10 months of construction remaining, the new parking structure currently doesn’t look like much. The final plan features include heated sidewalks, a plaza with restrooms, elevators, availability signate, electric car charging stations, and pedestrian improvements along the eastern side bordering the Blue River. The architectural design is influenced by Breckenridge’s mining history and will include wood siding, stone accents and native landscaping. The idea of drawing visitors toward Main Street restaurants and shops after a day on the mountain also played a big role in the functional design aspects.

Artist renderings of site plans and construction timeline can be seen on the Town of Breckenridge website.

Since groundbreaking in

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