Have the summer itch? We do too! The days are much warmer and the snow is melting quickly. We have pulled out the mountain bikes and hiking boots to start enjoying the season that keeps us in Breckenridge … summer! Take a look at our hot real estate deals and start enjoying a high country summer.  Reviewing our top 5, you'll see it is never the wrong season to buy a ski-in/ski out home, or your mountain get away. These days, properties aren’t on the market for long.

Here are Breckenridge Associates Real Estate Top 5 deals.

Park Avenue Loft, Unit 305
Your penthouse awaits! This stunning, top floor, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo has views from every window and panoramic Ski Area views from the living room, deck and private hot tub. Located in the…

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What is hot in Summit County Real Estate?  Everything, but some sectors are burning especially bright. In May, single family homes in both Breckenridge and greater Summit County gently outpaced 2017 numbers. The multi-year trend of fewer listings following a seasonal arc with a building towards high summer peak continues. 

We are seeing about a 20 percent decline in available properties in Breckenridge from this point in 2017 and a 15 percent reduction in available listings for the greater Summit County market. The decline in listings outpaces the decline in closed sales. Despite the smaller inventory, buyers are buying and sales are closing. We expect another record summer as community investments in arts and open space have created an even richer…

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“According to the Summit County Building Inspection Department's 2017 summary report, the number of permits for single family and multi-family issued by the department skyrocketed to 852 in 2017 after the county issued 710 in 2016 and 644 in 2015.” -Summit Daily News, February 1, 2018. A big jump in building permits is another signal of the strength of the current Summit County real estate market.

The signal is two fold. One is that available homes for sale are selling and so people who want to live in Summit County are deciding to build. The large number of permits also signal that people feel that the local labor, design and construction costs will amount to something that the market will bear when the homeowner/builder chooses to sell. It almost…

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There are reasons we in Summit County are used to being featured in the media  from early snowfalls being mentioned during NFL broadcasts to young Olympians making the late night talk show rounds, and heck, even being a very early mover in the push to decriminalize and then recreationally legalize marijuana.  Let’s just say Summit County is not a stranger to a little national attention.

But this recent round of notable news was strange enough to make Summit a cheeky punch line on Saturday Night Live.  A man was witnessed chasing a moose onto a median and then photographed by a passerby on Frisco Main Street. Chasing. A. Moose.

Moose in Frisco

Moose weigh between 800 and 1,200 pounds, can be six feet tall at the shoulder and can be aggressive. They can run at 35…

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