January to December 2016 Real Estate Market Data

for Breckenridge and Summit County, Colorado

Breckenridge Associates Real Estate sells more property in Breckenridge and here are the numbers that show it. For the full 12 months of 2016, Breckenridge Associates lead all the real estate sales offices in Summit County in dollar volume comparisons for all areas of the county. You'll find the details in the .pdfs link below and in the red and gray chart at the bottom of the page.  The following chart shows the same offices compared by number of sales - sales of our listed properties in blue, and the ones we sold in green.  Again Breckenridge Associates Real Estate is at the top of the chart. 

More than just showing that Breck Associates is the top selling office for Breckenridge property or real estate anywhere in Summit County, the statistics compiled on the linked .pdfs show how the market is doing in general.  We've made graphs comparing sales over the past 16 years broken down by property type: single family homes, condos, townhouses and duplexes; and other graphs that show sales figures for Breckenridge and the other communities in Summit County.  The fourth link is the one to sales data by real estate office, and the last one shows break outs of current sales data by community.  And this one also includes trends in the market, such as the volume of showings compared to last year and numbers of active listings.  

2016 - Breckenridge Associates Sold More Property

Statistic for year 2016 Top Real Estate Offices in Summit County

How's the Market - is a compilation of data in several statistical forms including graphs comparing sales volume by year, list-to-sales price ratios and much more information that is helpful to buyers and sellers of Summit County real estate.

To enjoy the benefits of the wealth of information Breckenridge Associates Real Estate has been gathering for more than 20 years, please feel free to call (970) 453-2200, and work with any of the Realtors at Breckenridge Associates.

Summit County Real Estate Market Statistics for 2016

1. Historical Residential (Condo, Single, Multiple) Sales Statistics

2. Historical Vacant Land Statistics

3. How is the Market?

4.  Local Real Estate Firms - Statistical Comparison.

5. Statistics by Town in Summit County

The data used here include is cumulative, and any omissions or errors in MLS data from previous months is corrected and the compilations revised in each iteration by our team statistician.  For data on 2017 sales, use the link on our homepage Market Statistics, and you'll get the most recent data.

Last full year's statistics - Top Selling Office by $ volume

Breckenridge Associates - Top Selling Office 2016 by dollar volume